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  1. Hey everyone. I enjoy writing, and really want to become a writer. So i decided to join this forum choosing to share my writing with a fairly knowledgeable audience. I want to improve my writing and share ideas with everyone on here.

    So heres a topic: Describe a place you know, try to make the mood humorous.

    Will's house has two entry points. One with a magnificent mahogany door, and another pathetic inlet. Everytime you try to the enter the former, you're redirected to the latter.

    "Sorry man," he says with a dour look on his face. " the main entrance is blocked."

    As you venture to his room, you're likely to step on his dogs' byproducts.

    "Careful! The girls had an accident," always a second too late.

    After the grueling trek, you discover his room has nowhere to sit. The bed is obscured by a pile of clothes and books. On top of them lies an old, rusty-brown bass guitar, with one string missing.

    Attempting to sit down, you ask for some water. The dour look returns, "sorry man," he sadly replies," you want some coke?"

    Please share your versions, and provide any constructive criticism and I'll return the favour :)