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  1. I've been doing a lot of editing on my ms and I'm about ready to tie it to a twenty pound propane tank and blast it with a 50BMG API-T. I think I'll take a break after these edits and let it sit for awhile.
  2. Every Saint Patrick’s Day for several years I’ve watched The Boondock Saints. This year my wife bought the sequel and we watched it last night. I wish they had shown me a viewing of it before it was released. I would have bet the house I built with my own hands I could have written a better screenplay. The acting was horrible but at least it was better than the writing. The plot theme was completely different from the original and it seemed like a bad fan film written by dozens of different people with different goals. The antagonist’s motivations were not revealed until more than halfway through, and then they were presented in the form of multiple flashbacks and dream sequences that were so long that they pulled the watcher away from the actual plot. I suspect the writer(s) wanted to match the dark humor of the original and after failing settled for crude jokes about prison rapes. It had all the elegance of a public service announcement and appeared to be written at the same level of intelligence. The original was such a well written movie that sharing its name with this is an insult. Thank God I had watched a quirky little Icelandic film called White Night Wedding the night before. That was a good film. The memories of which kept me from chewing off my own arm in an attempt to escape after the wife and kids refused to turn it off.
  3. From this morning:

    [Middle-aged husband and wife are lying on their bed]

    [One of the new “R&B” songs comes on the Top 40 radio program they were listening to.]

    [Husband] “I’m not real keen on the direction music is going now days.”

    [Wife rolls over and looks at husband]

    [Husband] “It sounds like three moneys thrown in a room with some instruments.”

    [Wife] “Be careful with the whole “monkey” direction.”

    [Husband]” Why?”

    [Wife] “These guys are black.”

    [Husband] “Really, they don’t sound black. More metrosexual…. maybe Porto Rican .”

    [Wife] “Nope, black.”

    [Husband] “Huh, I pictured a guy in skin tight black leather pants and a pink shirt.”

    [Wife] “Like Ricky Martin?”
  4. Dear God, I need you to explain a few things. Since you are supposedly all knowing and all powerful feel free to comment here. I wouldn’t want to waste your very valuable time by demanding a personal appearance.

    1) Cancer: OK, so you are all powerful but have chosen people will die anyways, fine. Heaven, angels, harps, yaddy yada. But, what kind of sadistic freak would come up with cancer?

    2) Dogs: Why don’t dogs live as long as people?

    3) Hunger: If you could do that thing with the fish and bread, why are so many people on this earth going to bed hungry tonight?

    4) Sanction of the Church: One of your churches refused to marry my wife and me because I was a “heathen” but we are still happily married almost two decades later. Yet, that same church married my wife’s brother and his Christian wife and their marriage ended horribly after only a few years. How could this happen?

    5) Sex: Why is this supposedly so bad?

    6) War: WTF….What The ****. No really, What the ****?

    7) Birth Defects: Why are so many innocent babies born with debilitating often fatal illnesses?

    8) Torture: Why hasn’t Dick Chaney and those like him not received lightning bolts up their asses?

    9) Taxes and tithing: Why are people forced to take care of others? What’s wrong with your voluntary Christian charity? Where is the Free Will your followers love to go on about?

    10) Hate: Why do so many people hate others just because they are different from themselves?

    11) Alzheimer’s: Why will one of the brightest people I have even known be reduced to wearing diapers soon?
  5. The intention of this post is not to slander any person involved with the recent actions here. In fact, in every aspect I’m aware of I believe it was handled very fairly. That is not to say that I know everything that might have happened privately just that what I witnessed showed restraint beyond most moderators I’ve dealt with. In this kind of community an anarchist, at least an AnCap such as me is faced with difficult ethical questions. Firstly an Anarchist doesn’t believe any person has the right to limit their freedom beyond the preservation of that other person’s same freedoms. The conflict comes from the belief in contractual law, and property rights. This forum is private property, and as such the owner has the right to do whatever they want with it. When we as members join we enter into a contractual agreement to follow a certain set of rules, or limitations upon our rights.

    The event has got me thinking about times in the past (none here) where moderators have allowed their almost godlike powers to harm the community. I’m writing this as an example of what can happen when abuse, be it from members of the community or the moderators gets out of hand. In the following story I was the primary individual responsible for what happened. I won’t claim I was blameless, but will say that my actions were comparatively innocent to the rest of the participants.

    Six years ago, at the height of my Libertarian activism days I joined a very lightly moderated libertarian forum. Over the next four years I cultivated a lot of friendships with those members and we personally and as a community grew. However, right from the beginning I had a personality conflict with another Alpha Type writer. We shared almost all political and philosophical beliefs but there was always friction between us.

    One day I posted a link to an erotica picture (A Blackie IIRC) in the picture nipples could (sort of) be seen. This was a very lightly moderated forum, and more graphic content than it had been (openly) posted in the past. I even hung a NSFW tag above the link. The other writer who was one of the Mods banned me with no warning whatsoever. This forum had always listed “banned” under any member who was kicked out. The other Mods realizing the unfairness of this action chose not to list me as banned, in order to avoid addressing what had happened to the community. As I said I had developed quite a few good friendships there and it didn’t take them long to find out what had happened. They tried to redress the event within threads there. The Mods would delete these threads very quickly. Several of my friends quit in protest, several others stayed to fight on our behalf. They were banned in what eventually led to a 30% purge of active members. This event led to us starting our own un-moderated anarchist forum, one of only a handful on the net I know of.

    The writer who I had the conflict with eventually quit because we were all unbanned and invited back. Most of us, myself included returned, but the place was never the same. We had seen the effects of bad moderation and preferred our new board. As I said, I feel this event here was handled very fairly but thought I’d post this as a plea for restraint by all.