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  1. :confused:

    I cried myself to sleep last nite ,becuz of sumthing untrue

    I cried myself to sleep last nite ,how could i be such a fool

    I cried on my pillow and sobbed into the night

    It really hit me hard deep down inside

    I cried stinging tears burning as they fall

    How could this be Im not that person at all

    I creid for the mistrust that I would never do

    I cried becuz part of me is such a stupid fool

    I layed there for hours thoughts running in my head

    How could it be true, I was always a true friend

    I cried becuz my heart had been stabbed with the truth

    I cried becuz my mind realised sum are just plain cruel

    Im sickened at the thoughts that stay in my mind

    Im sickened that I thought you were 1 of a kind

    Im weakened by the powers that i have lost from inside

    But mostly im weakened becuz it hurt my pride

    Many things left unsaid just vanished away

    How could i be so blind Me and my strays

    Tomorrow looks briter with a new sun to rise

    I will hold the hurt inside until it disappears and dies

    (C) Febuart 28,2008