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Its the end of the world as we know it but one knows it but me. They are all complacently contented. Singing their lusty songs to the tune of the croaking trees. Gazing up at the blithering skies in innocent wonder. But who can blame them? The sun spits its fetid light and the birds shrill their sibilant songs while their blithering hearts are beating their thickening red blood through their green twisting veins to the beat of my thundering clock. If I could just only claw my way out of this padded cell, run across the roiling floor and save their simmering souls I would.
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  1. My entry in short story sci fi "Dialogue" was erased and the moderator wrote his own opinion in my name. Now I'm being pevented from deleting the remaining blog. That sucks.. My participation here offends but the money I mailed in support of this site sure as hell didn't. Did it Cog?