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  1. Yes, here I am standing - balanced on the edge of creation. I decided as I began planning my first novel (which is of course going to be a series because I like torturing myself like this) that I would begin an account here so that I might seek the aid of all the wonderful people on this site should I require it.

    At best, details are sketchy right now but I take a walk every day and think about characters and plot while I do so and during lunch break at work, it all goes down in my notebook. Suffice to say I wish I had more time to work on it each day but alas! Somehow I have to put food on the table for myself and pay back my parents. I'm grateful at least that it's not all that much and thus, shouldn't take too long.

    To tell you something of the bare bones of it, I'm working on a series set in the modern day - in the UK to be precise. I very much enjoyed my visit there and it will definitely not have any vampires or were wolves in it. I don't think I could stomach writing something like that after the whole Twilight debacle. But yes, my novel will be fantasy based and I'll be incorporating some old folk tales into my plot. The most well known one will be the legend of Robin Hood.

    I'll leave it at that for now though. There's a lot of work ahead of me and I'm sure I will be calling on everyone's help for advice here before too much longer. Wish me luck. :D I'm looking forward to the end when I manage to get something published (if I can of course) but the journey is sure to be the best part.

    August 2011