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  1. Currently, attempting a story about the zombie apocalypse. Below is what I have so far, but mainly just things I've come up with so far and by no means the final product. Let me know what you think.

    Zombies were unintentionally created by wanting to create a more advanced Upper-Class. In 1987, the first tests were conducted on 15 carefully selected middle class expecting mothers, with the researchers telling the mothers that the drug is to improve the child’s development later in life. The children born were beyond healthy. In 1993, mass production began for upper-class use. All of upper class takes the wonder drug and babies are born “perfect”, but once puberty hits, the children infect the world. Unknown, the original drug was actually superior to the mass produced drug for the upper class, due to the parents wanting certain aspects to be more pronounced.

    In a world, where the stories of zombies were little more than myth, no one assumed they would ever actually appear. When zombies first appear worldwide, the general population thinks that it is a “Zombie Walk,” but when the newly infected rise up, all but a few are prepared.

    The original drug is called Bokorzil, the drug that has promised to eradicate all birth defects and promote extremely healthy humans.

    Matthew, a child from the original batch of the drug, has always shown to be an exceptional person growing up; being in the top 5% in his class throughout school, excelling in sports and martial arts. But he shows signs of Nightmare Disorder; the recurring nightmare of his for the past year has been that he is being attacked by reanimated corpses. He’s always had a sense that something major was about to happen to the world, but never could figure out what.

    Kessler, Matthew’s childhood and best friend, has always been a great influence in Matthew’s life. Kessler has always secretly jealous of what Matthew has accomplished, but knew that Matthew never intended on jealousy. Kessler enlisted the Army for 6 years after high school. In that time, he rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class.