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  1. In my current work I am working on the world has moved on. Due to circimstances beyond anyones control the world has shifted and with it so has the climate. While no one knows for sure what happened to the other continents America is a changed place. Below is a map of the new climate zones of North America.

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  2. Mira stood facing the ocean. Her long, white dress trailing in the wind behind her while the lunar waves bathed her skin from above. In her hand she held the locket of her beloved fiancé while she looked out toward the ocean. It had been two long years since the loss of his ship. Two long years of hoping that maybe, just maybe he might be alive. Maybe her beloved John would come back to her but it was never so.

    She sat down in at the water’s edge and let the cool water wash over her feet. While she stared out at the ocean a familiar voice came to her.

    “You know I am still waiting for you. Would it really be so hard to find me,” the locket said to her in a soft and caring voice.

    “John I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have waited here for you and prayed that you would come back to me. Has God forsaken me? Why does he not answer the prayers of his most beloved?”

    “Oh Mira, God has not forsaken you at all. You have known how to see me all along. God knows this and it is a test of you devotion to me.”

    “I miss you John,” she managed to choke out through the tears. “I miss you so much but I don’t know what to do. God should have shown me what path to take. Yet it has been two years since you left me and still I have no clear path.”

    “That is because you sit stagnating on the path you need to follow. For two years you could have followed and yet here you are, yet again, sitting and waiting. All you have to do is believe in our love and we could be together. You do believe in it don’t you?”

    “Well of course I do,” she squeaked out, “but, well, I don’t know. There is this nice man at church I just met. His name is Adam, you would have liked him,” she said as she stared blankly into the water.

    “Well you knew me better than most so I will have to take your word on that. Yet something is amiss, I can see it in your eyes.”

    “Well I like him and all but I still miss you. I don’t feel the same way about him as I do you. I don’t think I could go on pretending to love him when in reality my heart belongs to you.”

    “Then quit making excuses and come see me. It is not as difficult as you are making it out to seem,” he said in an ever agitated voice.

    “I am afraid to come see you. How will I fond you if I go?”

    “Just hold onto my hand and I will show you the way,” John said as he held out his hand. Mira sat staring at his outstretched hand and hesitantly grabbed a hold of it. “That wasn’t so bad now was it?” Mira shook her head and confirmed that it was as easy as he had made it out to be. “Now follow me and I will show you the way.”

    John slowly led Mira into the ocean. The cold water rushing up her white dress as she slowly went deeper out to sea. John always in front of her leading the way as she swam for what seemed like hours.

    “Just a little further and we will be there,” he said leading her ever onward.

    “John, I don’t think I can go any further. My arms are exhausted and I don’t see anything at all.”

    “Just a little further is all we have to go and we will be together forever. I promise.” Following his word she continued on until John all of a sudden stopped. “This is it. This is where I have been for two long years. Just swim down and we can be together.”

    Taking his advice she started to swim into the depths of the ocean. At first she saw nothing but out of the abyss a ship started to take shape. She recognized it immediately as the long lost ship John had set sail on. In the cabin, that is where we shall reunite. She swam into the cabin only to find it completely empty. John had lied to her about finding him here.

    It was in that one moment of doubt that John showed himself before her yet again. Just like before John had his hand held out toward her.

    “Take my hand and I will take you away from all of this. We will be one with the waves forever. Just the two of us forever,” John said with pure desire in his eyes.

    Mira could feel the burning in her chest while she contemplated what to do next. Without much hesitation she held out her hand and all the pain and all the loneliness left her body. As John had promised the two of them were united forever in the waves beneath the moonlight.