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  1. This is a short story written for closure regarding one of the earlier characters from the first Rat Pack story. The character Jared Slovynk was created by Dave Toland for the first two rpg games I created from my Rybok's rat pack Series. I decided to bring closure since I have written the final ever Rat Pack story. Enjoy.


    Born To Kill

    The top floor of the Enforcement administration. building came apart in a mass of explosions crackling like thunder, seconds before the glass shattered and separated from the frames. Large plumes of thick black smoke blew out followed by a large gush of flames. Glass began to shatter further down the buildings levels as the top floor gave way and collapsed crushing those below in the debris. Then came a second bang forcing the highest floors to crack and give way under the pressure. More flames began to spread further down whilst the raging fire spread outside with the wind directing it up and down and the fresh oxygen fed it life. Some of the occupants jumped from the top levels skyscrapers evading a flaming death yet sealing their fates from the drop. The higher levels began to pull away and fall down into the streets and lower habs below crushing anything they came into contact with large clouds of smoke and dust followed the journey down. From the ground it looked as though a tall match head had just been lit.

    Jared Slovnyk stood from afar admiring his handy work watching in owe as the higher levels of the tall Enforcement administration building disintegrated in a gush of flames. He felt no remorse for their deaths watching the last of them jump from the burning head.

    This would send a message to those that dared to cross him.

    The streets suddenly became busy letting him disappear with the rushing panicked crowds; he had no desire to let the enforcers take him. The last time he fell into the enforcers hands he’d been beaten tortured and sentenced to death then ended his sentence in the service of the Rat Pack units under the command of a Colonel he wasn’t too eager to reacquaint relations with. Though the Colonel had spared him five years earlier on the arctic world Xiberia.


    The day soon turned to night and Jared had secured passage out of New York on a transport headed for Devlin city on Mars. He ran his hand over his chin now coated with a weeks worth of hair growth he looked about as the passengers took their seats and the attendants began closing the hatches for secure flight. The lights dimed a moment and the last of the attendants took their seats. Jared felt a sudden wrench to his stomach from the shudder of the transport ship then came the sound of the engines kicking to life. With a sudden boost Jared felt the vessel lurch forwards then lift away from the platform on which it had sat idly waiting.

    Jared glimpsed from the window he still saw the tall building smoking away an unlucky blow yet a satisfying kill. Today they had lost their chairman and president. Tomorrow they would hunt for him. Jared wasn’t naive enough to think they’d think others. After all a week prior he warned them. The question at hand is who would they send for him. His eyes became heavy and reddened as he began to close them and fade into a sleep. No doubt a return to his nightmare. A minute later and Jared was a sleep whilst the transport took flight to the stars and left Earth in its wake.


    Jared awoke to the sound of the transport vessel touching down on the large circular landing platform, the vessel sent out a series of wrenching to his stomach on touch down then the engines died out. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked out the window from his seat. Though the city was covered by a large dome he could clearly see the red and orange sky that covered the red planet. The crew began opening the passenger doors to let the occupants disembark in single file. Some reached above for their luggage before leaving. Jared had only the cloths on his back. Stretching his arms in a wide yawn he rose from his seat and left the narrow vessel leaving the stale air behind. Devlin city was large and wide the buildings themselves almost reached the large glass dome that covered everything. Now all he had to do was stay out of sight until he could acquire passage out of the system and disappear from the authorities. It wouldn’t take them long to realise were he’d gone.


    Within Two days Jared had acquired an apartment in the downtown habs deep in the city of Devlin the apartment had three rooms one to sleep in with a badly stained mattress on a rusty bed frame. The toilet area was covered in grime and stains across the walls were as the main room had nothing more then a table with a battered monitor and a rusty fridge with a workbench. In the centre Jared sat in a tatty old chair watching the news on the monitor. He’d spent almost the two days sat in the chair barely venturing outside until the time was needed. The windows that looked out on the grimy habs were stained yellow with cracks across the glass. This place did just fine for Jared as there was no presence of the law here just the gangs and scum that controlled the whole district.

    Only one more day and he would be off this cursed rock. His contact had acquired transport into the Sabbat system on a large supply vessel. Jared left strict instructions not to contact him until it was time to vacate this scum filled area. And yet a day early there was a knock at the black stained door. Jared looked up from his slumber as the knock came again. He rubbed the stubble covering his chin and reached to the table by the chair taking his stub pistol in hand and approached the door with caution.

    Slowly he opened the door to be greeted by Ved his contact. A wiry man pale on colour and eyes as red a meth addict. Jared lowered his gun.

    “I thought I told you not to contact me until.”

    “No choice times short the transports vessel as been ceased by the military.” Ved explained cutting Jared off.

    That meant one thing and one thing only. They knew he was here.

    “We must go and go now.” Ved said.

    Jared nodded his acknowledgment. A second later Ved’s white chest suddenly turned a deep red forcing him forwards. Jared stepped a side letting him slam onto the floor hard. A second series of bullets flew towards him forcing him down. Jared rolled back into his apartment kicking the door shut fast. He looked up as a bright light shone through the window a second later the door burst open. Jared rolled behind his chair to see an armoured man enter carrying an automatic weapon with a long silencer and a laser searcher enter the room. The man was well armoured with an armoured breathing mask covering his face. The man kept his gun aimed forwards using the laser searcher to search for his target. He stepped over the now dead body of Ved and entered the room. Jared swift jumped up and pulled the trigger of his stub pistol. The weapon clicked as it jammed.

    “Damn black market guns.” Jared snorted as he threw the weapon at the others head.

    The man stumbles giving Jared time to leap across the room and take hold of the sub machine gun. He pulled the other forwards and noticing a large knife sheathed at his waist, he took the handle and ploughed it through his larynx letting a gush of blood spatter across his wrists. Both men stumbled down and Jared broke the others neck swiftly.

    A series of holes appeared through the thin wall as a second opened fire from the hallway. Jared took the fallen mans gun and fired back through the wall the gun let out a sputtering sound from the silencer and he heard the other groan. He looked down took another click from the dead man which was when he noticed the tattooed barcode on the back of the soldiers neck.

    “Couldn’t be.” Jared muttered to himself.
  2. I have finally completed the finale of the Rybok’s Rat Pack series. The sixth and final story finishes of the series complete.

    The story starts at the end as Saul Rybok tells the story while he’s dying. I got the idea from Carlitos way. The final moments of the film you see Carlito (Al Pacino) telling the tale while looking at a picture of paradise on a billboard. Well Rybok’s Rat Pack: The Scent Of Betrayal does the same.
    like the Crimson fist saga I wrote for BL this series has been a joy to write sprouting a single spin off story Kagen about a captain who takes twelve penal’s back to a destroyed Earth to right the wrongs done.

    So with that come to an end I find myself once again looking at an ROG I created. Yup Cyberpunk. Or as I named it Cyberpunk 2766A.D. already I’ve devised a sequel named Cyberpunk 2786A.D. Vegas. And yes its set in Las Vegas. The game will sequel that of the events reaching the end of Cyberpunk 2766A.D. and finally I will post up the third. Cyberpunk 2830A.D. Cult Of Mars

    Anyhow the story I’m thinking will of course involve the popular Vornn from the first two games but as of charactors I’m unsure as yet. For obvious reasons I’ll focus on diffeent charactors and I’ll also focus on the Las Vegas setting too. That will be revealed once I’ve mapped out whats what in my fictional idea.

    Well that’s me done for now until the next update.
  3. And Finally I am satisfied with the first half of the story I have decided to post it up in the Novels section.

    I have also finally decided on the name of the story lol.
  4. I have nearly completed the first Rybok story. I have had to give the story a name change due to the plotline.

    The story is set between the two games Space Station and Devils Advocate.

    The first half of the story introduces the characters and conspiracy that lingers within the Colonial Federation.

    The good news is the first half of the story is ready for posting but I will begin posting it once I've fully completed it.

    Depending on the popularity of this story I will be working on a second which will focus on a darkside to the future and the Colonial Federation.
  5. I have written the prologue section of the story. Though My wife Elizabeth has helped me with the discription. Since this is a story on one of our RPGs And I'm using some of your characters, I want to get it as near as perfect as I can.

    I'm going to keep the story and plot hush hush to help give you all a surprise with the story and the outcome.

    What I will say is the action sequences are very action packed and the Prologue seems to go well.

    Now the next section for me to write is Rybok entering the Penal prision and making his selections of characters.

    I'm hoping it will tie in with the universe i originally created.

    So far its certainly looking productive.