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  1. I just posted the first chapter of my new story, Journey Through the Broken Path. It'd be nice if you took a look at it and gave some feedback. :) I'd be willing to pay you $10 in Monopoly money.
  2. I'm about to wrap up my current story, and I will soon be starting a novel-sized horror story in a modern-type setting. I want this to be really cool, somewhat similar to the creepy-coolness of Stephen King's "Tommyknockers" and "Salem's Lot".

    What are some suggestions? Likes and dislikes? Things that I should avoid?
  3. So.....I came to this forum to post my first non-fanfiction piece, and I'm really excited. I hope to get some great advice and feedback because it's very important to me. Also this is the first blog I've ever made. Did I do alright? :p