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  1. Okay, so you all know A Kiss From Light Crimson.
    My Races are here in my other blogs. Races 1 and Races 2. Well this is a string off of the idea, the events of Our Lips Touch Light Crimson is before the Generator Blows up. And each chapter will be identified as IDs. You like a drivers ID except this is a worker ID. And each chapter is like a little diary entry following different characters. The characters we will be following have a quick overview, just a very quick summary about them that I will be posting up late called The Files.

    ID Name: Ross Voird
    ID Number: 001

    Commander and chief is what they call me. Ross Voird commander and chief. I am the one who started this whole project. I am the head scientist and I controlled everything about this project.
    I even controlled the bonehead military people. And they have the decency to call me commander and chief. I wish something would just swipe their head off. With out me and my little project those scientist and most of those official wouldn't have a job.
    I am not just a commander and chief. I am a manager, a boss, and leader. They should be calling me master or at least worshiping my great project.
  2. I rarely actually post to a blog, so I am actually posting something serious. Those who love gossip this may be your home. No I'm joking don't take that the wrong way. Don't worry I like gossip just as much as the next person. I've been a very busy boy...busy bee. I have to make a website for my friend's publishing company, don't worry I work there as well, and its turning out to be a nightmare. Me actually making the site is a nightmare. My computer's web design program won't respond any more. Yesterday it was fine and this afternoon it was fine. But when I get back from an evening meeting, its not working. Its really puzzling. Not only that, but I don't think the blue color that I chose is very business like any more. At first we were like awe, and now we are ugh. But that is okay. This isn't a blog entry of pain and sorrow though. I just felt like I needed to update this step in the right direction. This step of business of great things to come, despite the minor set backs I'm really happy and excited.
    As I said before, just wanted to update this is my blog. How excited I am about this birth of our publishing company?

    Here and Now
    ~Rem Nightfall
  3. The Races Pt2

    The last five of the ten races.

    Brains: By now you are looking for something normal, but you aren't going to get one. Brains look like little blobs of quivering goo, they have cute little black beady eyes, and they make cute little noises. But these creatures cute translucent bodies of goo are not to be trusted.
    In combat: Stay away from the walls and the floor these creatures are able to wedge through even the tiniest place. Where do they like to nest? They like to crawl into your ear and wiggle into your head. At first you may feel normal, your body will suddenly and violently go against you, and you'll die of a splitting headache. These blobs of goo eat your brain from the inside out.

    Wall Walkers:
    They look like you and me. Well not human, but they look like the friend behind you. They are big and black with no face or eyes. They aren't just called Wall Walkers for no reason though. They are almost like shadows on the walls. They like to play games with the shadows and they like to play around with the corridors.
    And when they come off the walls, they are fully formed beings. They have no eyes just this hallow black mass.
    In combat:They can come off the walls, but that kind of combat isn't their specialty their specialty is to bring you in the wall and rip you into pieces. The only memory left of you is your imprinted being ripped into pieces as a permanent shadow. They also can moves corridors around for you to go around and around in circles until they find it best to eat you up.

    Generals: Think big and muscular. These are the bigger and stronger cousins to the Colonel. These guys are not happy and won't play around. They have six arms to impale you into the walls, they have eyes on their abdomen, back, and face, and their face is the most alien shape meaning its unclear if this shape even exist. They are capable of human speech or a little bit of it, but it generally sounds like deep hissing sound. Their mouths are lined with a ton of razor sharp teeth, their nails are tougher then diamonds. And their skin is much tougher as well.
    In combat: They are relatively slow, but that doesn't make them easy to kill. Their nails will rip your flesh into shreds and their teeth will take a good hunk of your meat off. They are known for being able to pick up six different people and hurl them into the ground. These guys are angry and powerful. And if you anger them real well they may just smack you into the wall and all that will be left is your splatter.

    Fuzzies:These guys sound like something you could cuddle. And if you could see them properly then you probably would want to hug them.
    They are small and black with fuzzy fur on them.
    In combat: This is the most dangerous of them all because they are microscopic. They live in your water or anything you eat. Though you may not know it. They are a parasite and with all parasite ingestion can cause harm.
    But unlike a parasite this ingestion causes immediate death.
    Once they enter your body the fuzzy come together and go through a massive growth spurt. Their fur turns much hard and they grow a bunch of puncturing spikes. Though these spikes are not poisonous there is no need, once they expand well enough they force their spikes out and pierce your body from the inside out.
    The worse thing is that you have to sacrifice not eating or the run in with these creatures every time you eat or drink cause these parasites don't die when they are boiled in water, they reanimate.

    Eaters: Gluttons for candy, you. These guys are the ugliest aliens. They look weird with thin wiry backs, but large over grown stomachs, like a potbelly gone terrible wrong. They have large rounds heads and weird wavy legs. Some theorize the main body of the one supplying the eater is a wiggle alien. The eater is the strange potbelly gone wrong. Another nasty parasite, its round, nasty, and it takes over its host body. Its the color of a blackhead when you look at it.
    In combat:Eaters do what their names says they do. They eat you. The eaters are very clever and even though they have no mouth or any indication of a brain, they are pretty clever at mimicking voices. There is a theory it may be the Wiggle body that may actually be doing the voice.
    Once you are near enough the weird round object opens a mouth with a circle of teeth and drags you in with its black tongue.
    Beware of the eater.
  4. The Races

    This is a little description of the creatures you will be fighting in the nameless planet. There are ten known races. The first five.

    Switchers: They look like humans, but they aren't zombies. Switchers are actually parasitic plants that take over any other alien species body. The plants grow at the side of the cheek and look like a rosebud that hasn't bloomed yet. They usually change the aliens main body into odd mutations.
    Their main bodies are small and look like young children and there are boys and girls.
    Their "body" portion has skin that looks cracked and rough. Their skin seems to bleed in small cracks, they have long nails, and usually all have dark black hair. They have this human child quality to them, but they aren't human.
    In combat: These buggers are fast. You can barely see them with the naked eye as they swoop you up to be their next meal. They are immune to most stab wounds and can usually be killed by fire. After all they are parasitic plants. Though you can kill them fire, its pretty hard to trap one of these buggers and you have hypothesized that these plants may have the capability of mutating a humans body.

    Colonel: Another pretty odd named creature. The colonel is one of the many alien beast you will fight. These are big mean and nasty. They have dark brown skin that has this dog skin quality to it. Their faces are long and narrow like a dogs face, but unlike a dogs face this face curves in creating this odd oval shape. They have nasty claws and nasty teeth. But what makes colonels so special is that on his abdomen he carries an odd mutation that looks like a gun on its abdomen. Though these creatures don't shoot bullets at you.
    In combat: Though not as fast as the switches Colonels are pretty nasty and pretty fast. You better not allow them to cut you with their claws or their teeth. They can be killed by any normal means, but kill them fast before they release a heavy arsenal on you with their Gatling gun abdomen.

    Divers: Don't the Divers sound so friendly. The divers are worm like creatures, they are thin, black, and have a peculiar swordfish look to them since they have a long sword coming from their front. These creatures live with the Colonel when they are a baby. They live in the gun and these creatures will tear you up.
    They are two forms of the Divers.
    Form 1-The thin, long, black worm with a sword as its front.
    Form 2-Big, I mean real big its like a giant leech in those horror movies. They have poisonous bards alongside their body, their skin is black with this thick acidic ooze coming off it. If you were able to walk up to it you would see its smooth and shiny skin is not fleshy, but scaly.
    In combat:
    Form 1-They live in the Colonel's gun, but when they are shot out of the gun they make a quick dash to whatever body they can find. If they have hit the target the Colonel wanted to hit, they just bury themselves in.
    These are quick eaters and in thirty seconds your body will be bone dry and these things will go into their adult stage.
    Form 2-Is the adult stage and these buggers are nasty. They have poisonous bards, which they can shoot out at people. Better be quick when these bards are shot, the bards can quickly grow back.
    Their ooze that covers their body is acidic so don't get to close.
    But the good news is that they can die by normal means. Just hit them in the nerve tendril that comes out when the bard comes out.

    Juicers: No they don't want to make you some fresh morning orange juice. The Juicers may be the worse of them all.
    They are skinny with a rusty red color skin and four arms, yes four arms.Their skin has this leather look to them and their faces are this odd mutated pointed oval shape, they have four eyes on their face. Like Marge Simpson they have this tower on top of their head, unlike Marge its not blue and its not exactly bush shaped. Its another flower bud looking tower and when the Juicers open this strange bud you see many little teeth, and a nice little razor in the middle. You may not want to know what happens next.
    In combat: You'll never know when these buggers are here until the last minute. And the last minute may be when they grab you with their strong four arms. They don't take bullets very well, their skin is so tough it doesn't bother them.
    You'll have to find another means to kill them. And no these creatures don't just hold you until you die together, they open their heads and begin to spin the razors. And like a blender these guys pick you up and allow you to have a ride on their blades.

    Wiggles:These guys are probably the gross of the gross. They are really tall and have long thin wiry bodies. They are this licorice red color and really big round heads. They have one eye like a cyclops and seem to walk almost like a slinky.
    In combat: You know how bees work, they sting you and die. Well the Wiggles are probably the weakest beast, they walk up to you throw up on you and die. Just like that.
    But don't just that vomit, it will seep quickly into your pours and becomes an attraction to other aliens. Basically a vomit tracker.
  5. I spelled a lot of words in correctly and I think I'm officially crazy. Or I have went officially crazy with the last blog.
    Well its your faukt you idiot for being so idiotic.
    Is that all you can up with. :mad::cool:
    I'm ready to throw down with myself.
    Okay I just wanted to clear that.

    From the Strange Mind
    Here and Now
    ~Rem Nightfall