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  1. I have him etched inside my heart, rough markings engraved in rock
    I latched it in a plastic box and wrapped it tight in iron locks
    With great passion I kissed it goodbye and proceeded to thrust it out at sea
    In hopes someday he'd come across it and maybe remember me
    His face was chiseled kindly, every crack and crevice crafted to care
    Every dimple drawn diligently, it made sure he was always there
    And I folded him up beneath my thumb, pressing down his memory
    So should he find it someday, he could stop and remember me
    I recorded every moment, trapped his honey voice inside my head
    I captured every second and caged it safely so he'd dwell in my homestead
    And I gathered it all in solid locks and chains and cast away the key
    But someday if he happens upon it, may he remember to remember me

    So when the winter has long passed by and your legacy has died
    And somebody asks me who you are
    I will look up in happiness again and answer gladly to him
    "Just someone I etched inside my heart"
    But before you leave my world behind, just hear my one last plea:
    In this new life, if you ever find time, don't forget to remember me
  2. If you look in the mirror and it doesn't quite deliver what you'd like to
    And you think you'd rather be something pretty
    Take another glance and give yourself a chance
    Don't be afraid in your darkest day
    To let your light shine through
    Let the world know the beautiful you
    Don't hold back from anyone or give up your moment in the sun
    Cast away your insecurities and soon you'll see
    Something pretty
    Lift up your face
    Your gift of grace
    Don't be afraid in such a lonely place
    To let your light shine through
    Let the world know
    Don't forget to show
    Beauty is in you