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  1. llll
  2. Legion- I have a prolougue already written, and I'm a couple of pages into chapter one. I know where I want to go with Legion, but I just didn't have the inspiration I needed to continue. For some reason, I can come up with alot of ideas when I sit down with a computer rather than pen and paper, and I haven't had the meens to do that. So that's why I'm especially excited about having a netbook soon.

    The Plot- It's going to have some very dark and serious subject matter-it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. It will deal with murder, and small part of it(or big-depends on how you look at it) deals with rape(of a male not female). Both of which have to do with the past of the main character. Basically, it's about his life and how he's dealing and coping with his past and how it's affecting him, then there's some complicated backstories that have to deal with some of his friends and his family and how they're connected. It has a main character but the story's not just about him, it's about a bunch of other people and some of the chapters may even be written completely in their point of view. The plot would sound really complicated if I tried to explain all of it in it's entirety, but if you just thought about it it wouldn't seem that way.

    This story is my baby. It's already my favorite and I'll work on it more than the others.

    Shades of Gray- I'm not as serious about this one. It doesn't have an actual plot, it really has to deal with my main character(who has a alot of friends that are more like family)meeting someone, falling in love, his friends don't like the new person in his life taking up his time, and over a long period of time finally come to terms with it all and accept his new love, and then they pretty much have some difficult trials they have to go through in life, and their basically having to fight to stay together.

    Like I said, I really don't know where I'm going with this one. I started it when I was a little younger then when I started Legion or my other story. Some serious inspiration is needed for this one.

    Untitled- I think I know where I'm going with this one a little more than Shades but not as well as I do Legion. It's about this couple that decides to have many kids(they have all boys to make it worse) against their parents warnings which ruins each of their relationships with their parents, then when the oldest is about 19 or older(not sure yet) they decide to split. The dad goes his way and the mom sticks around for a little while but eventually drifts off doing her own thing, traveling all over the place, but she still manages to wire them money. So pretty much they raise themselves and the older ones have to help raise the younger ones. For the most part it deals with just one the brothers(there are about 8 to 11-again not sure). It's about his struggle through life, he's not as much of a troublemaker as he is troubled. Eventually he runs away and then another brother younger than him starts to show the same sort of behavior which leads to them all having sort of an intervention that also involves their brother that ran away, and after everythings been said that needs to be said, they all become aware of why some of the decisions were made in their family and why things are the way they were. This story may also deal with some mentions of rape(depends on where I go with this exactly).

    This one has actually been many years in the making, for years now these little scenerios would pop up in my head and would stay in my mind, and I have a wide imagination so it was like I was constantly thinking of these things and playing them over in my mind, so now I'm taking all that and writing a book about it. And I personally think it will be very good when I'm finished.

    So besides my other nonfiction story about my family, that's all my stories. I'm excited to start writing more on them, and I hope I get some good feedback and critiques on them.

    Signing Out-
  3. My Favorite Artists to sing to-Sarah McLachlan, Hana Pestle, Lenka, Edwina Hayes, Christina Perri, Celine Dion, Amy Lee, Within Temptation, Jodi Benson, Judy Garland, Utada Hikaru.

    My Favorite Songs to sing to-Jar of Hearts/Christina Perri, Feels Like Home/Edwina Hayes, Need You/Hana Pestle, Hallelujah/Hana Pestle-Rufus Wainwright, Foolish Games/Jewel, In My Arms/Plumb, Melody/Kate Earl, Need You Now/Lady Antebellum, Once In Every Lifetime/Jems, Fix You, The Scientest/Colplay, Run/Leona Lewis, Near to You/A Fine Frenzy, Breathe(2AM)/Anna Nalick, The Show, Trouble is a Friend/Lenka, Last Goodbye/Scarlet Johanson, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/Judy Garland, Love Lives On/Mallary Hope, Til' I Get Over You, It's You/Michelle Branch, Part of Your World/Jodi Benson, Picture/Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock, Don't Dream It's Over/Sixpence None the Richer, Legion/Versailles, Somewhere, Memories, Angel, The Howling/Within Temptation, Simple and Clean, Sanctuary, Passion, Final Distance/Utada Hikaru, Angel, I Love You, Do What You Have To Do/Sarah McLachlan, The Prayer, Ave Marie, If Walls Could Talk, My Heart Will Go On, Then You Look At Me, The Greatest Reward, I Surrender, In His Touch/Celine Dion, Missing, Understanding, October, Exodus, Before the Dawn, Angel of Mine, Breathe No More, You, Sally's Song, Numb(Cover), My Immortal, Hello, Lithium, Cloud Nine, Lacrymosa, Like You, Good Enough, Together Again/Amy Lee(Evanescence).

    If you don't some of these songs or their artists, PLEASE look them up. They are all fantastic songs.
  4. First of all this is my first time on this site(it's also my first time posting a real blog that others can see) and I'm here because I love writing and I started most of my stories(L/SoG/U) a few years ago when I was about 12 or 13. Noodles In the Woods(you would have to know it came about to understand it, it's actually something funny that we joke about) is actually nonfiction because it's about me and my family. It's mainly recounting every funny thing or important thing thats ever happened to us(we've had some serious escapades). Parts of it will be split your sides funny, and others possibly tearjerking(depends on what all I include in the book). We are a family of four- my mom and dad, my older brother, and then me. I'm aslo the youngest in our entire family:mad:. This first started when I asked my mom for a mini netbook(I figured it would make more sense for them to buy a cheaper smaller pc that I could use now then wait a couple years till I graduate and buy me a big hunking laptop). She suprisingly liked the idea and we're going to get it at Best Buy this coming weekend :D. Anyways, after I asked her she got this funny look on her face and said she had a job for me(I had been asking about any jobs she might have for me to earn some money till I can get a job next summer). And then she pops out that she wants me to record anything funny thats ever happened in our life together :eek: the last thing I was expecting. So then I think about it and I mention that instead of just recording it all I could record it and then write a book about all of it. She liked the idea, so I decided to tell her about how I liked writing and everything, so the she liked the idea of a netbook even more. So now I have just about all the information I need, I also have a tape recorder so I can little 'interviews' with my family to get their take on certain events and the such.:D

    So I'm gonna start as soon as I have the netbook, and I may post some chapters of Noodles on here, and also my other stories-Legion, Shades- and when I write more of it, Untitled.

    Hope you all enjoy it when I finally have stuff put up, and I hope I can get some feedback on all of it too!

    Signing Out-