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  1. Well, i'm counting down the days until I can quit my job and go back to school in January. I just found out that 5 of my classes from my previous college transfer over to my new college! So, I don't have to start from scratch, which will be a relief. I'm anxiously awaiting November 5, because that is when I get to pick my classes :) Yay for higher education!
  2. First of all, Clive Owen is AWESOME. He is sexy and a great actor. I went to see this movie with my husband, not sure what to expect, and ended up loving every minute of it. The writing was sharp and funny, and I had a blast watching it. It may not have the best story, but if you just want something to watch that is full of action and cool shoot outs then this is for you. Besides, any movie that has the main character kill 2 people with carrots is frickin awesome! :D
  3. So, I've been steadily writing this story and it somehow turned into a novel. I didn't really take it seriously since I don't think I'm good enough to be published, but I decided to keep writing it nonetheless. I'm at 40,000 words so far and I'm trying to make it at least 70,000. This book is the first in the trilogy and I'm really have fun writing it. Anyway, I've decided to put it up on if you want to check it out, though I've already posted a few chapters here on the writing forums. Thanks for the editing help :)
  4. Ok, so I admit I was one of the many teeny-boppers in love with 'n sync back in '99, and I watched every music award show they performed at. I even listened to Britney's first album when it came out. I've grown out of that taste in music and I stopped watching most of the mtv awards shows. I heard that Britney Spears was going to perform and I giddily ran to the tv-not because i'm a fan but because I wanted to witness the train wreck. If you saw it last night, you know that I was not disappointed. Britney looked awful, her song was terrible, and her performance was horrendous. All I have to say is: HA!
  5. I am basically going insane waiting to go back to school in January. I was in college for a year and then moved from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, causing me to drop out. After two years of working retail (which I hate), i'm finally able to quit my job and go back to school.

    Working at Barnes 'N Noble is great for the thirty percent discount and being around books all day, but the customers suck. I hate being yelled at by obnoxious customers who can't stand it when they give me one word of the title of the book they are looking for and i can't find it.

    Anyway, January can't come soon enough. I'm a little nervous to go back, but I hope that will disappear once I start taking some writing and art classes...:D