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  1. The journey from Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires had been long and tiresome yet the experience had ultimately been priceless: Two weeks of partying all night, every night with the girl of his dreams and her 3 Argentine friends…

    The boy had left everything behind by arriving here - he had left his night-job, his family and friends, his future aspirations and for sure his common sense!
    The whole idea of traveling thousands of miles and crossing an entire ocean just to be with the girl he loved was borderline madness to say the least, but his life had become dull and boring and his young heart craved adventure and risk and excitement…

    He didn’t have a well thought-out plan at all. He would travel alone seeking a new place to explore, meet new people and to seek the affection of the girl he so desperately desired. He had simply gambled everything just to meet this girl and see what destiny had in store for him…

    Speeding through the highway…

    The boy smiled as he drifted away into a sleepy contentedness while the car sped down the seemingly endless highway back towards Buenos Aires.
    The group had just completed their week-long party in Mar del Plata - the Argentine equivalent of California.
    The week had been intense but now it was time for everyone to leave to recover.

    Gazing out of the car window in a dreamy contemplative state; the boy was content with what he had achieved so far:
    He had gained the trust and respect of the girl’s family (something he hadn’t given much thought about until he actually got there his desire had long before clouded his common sense and judgment), he had made a handful of interesting new friends, explored rich intriguing places and had partied hard.
    What he hadn’t counted-on was falling so hopelessly in love that nothing else seemed to matter anymore.
    Deeply ingrained in the young boys mind; one final goal remained from this incredible Latin adventure: To be alone with the girl and to kiss her…