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  1. It's kind of annoying how many people point out that they don't like the topic or style of other peoples writing, rather than telling people how they could better their writing. I don't get the need to put down a certain style of writing or why people slander topics they can't relate to or understand.

    If you don't get it, why bother commenting?
    If you don't like a style, why bother reading the poem?

    On another note, some people are really helpful with grammar, punctuation, and offer alternative interpretations that can help the writer understand what others might think, which is great if done in a constructive way.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day!
  2. Eyy I going to be in Ireland for a few weeks so I may not be posting or responding to people for a while. Hope you understand! Talk to you all as soon as I can.
  3. Looking around the site i saw some things that confused me. several memebers have been band -for im sure legitimate reasons- but they still have posts and pages up. why? also it seems like a moderater was banned aswell. what could a mod have done to get banned? i didn't know where to ask these questions so I'm blogging them here where nobody will read them more likely then not.