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  1. I miss him so much and he's only been gone a few days! I get most teenage girls my age usually hate their brothers...but we are like identical twins. We used to be at each others throats all the time, but now we tell each other everything and have little things we do like spontaneous dances and handshakes.
    He went to the Grand Pris with my dad, and apparently saw a quite spectacular crash from where they were.
    Now hurry up and get home Cass! :p I need someone to make cornflake cakes with!
  2. Oooo my first blog post.
    Surprise, surprise it contains moaning!

    GCSE revision... Oh God how much of it do I have to do?

    Thankfully the triple science exams are all over so no more revision for bio, chem and phys.

    But my next exams are English and History. And it's the History and English I actually need to revise for!

    Goodness knows what I would have done if the English had been Literature! My hand is going to kill by the end of the exams.

    And that's another thing.. Summer and the heat in the exam room! Obviously because of my Parkes-Webber Syndrome this is 100 times worse for me... I have to take two bottles of water and cooling spray and medication in with me for an hour exam...and be sat near the door and wear as little as possible...but still the bleeding heat is unbearable!

    Anyway, looking forward to the creative-writing exam, obviously, but it is a tiny bit of hope in the middle of stressville!