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  1. My first blog, my first time on forums, my first book. So many firsts. Seems so overwhelming sometimes.

    My idea to write my book wasn't a sudden one. It's an issue my family and I have tossed around for many years. If it had just been me involved in the paranormal or unexplained happenings in this home, I probably would have never told anyone what I was experiencing. But, everyone that has ever stepped foot into the home, has had an experience.

    It's still our "family" home. We still hold holidays there. Because of that fact, my mother especially was against me writing about it. However, the longer she lives there, the more she sees, she finally gave me her blessing to go forward with my passion. Writing, and research have long been loves of mine. That house, is an obsession as well.

    The things I have experienced there, are often beyond words. But here I am, a complete novice, embarking on a journey to tell not only my story, but my friends, my family...the homes story. It challenges faiths, calls sanity into question. It has been a divine force of some sort in our lives. Maybe putting it all into one place. A book to hold on to that contains our memories, the truths as we know them, maybe we won't feel so crazy or alone. Maybe we will find that we aren't the only ones that have "haunted" lives.

    Here's hoping....

    Ryanne Booth