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  1. I spend most of my time writing or thinking about stories, scenes, characters. Even when i'm with my friends or if i'm listen to music i make a sequence in my head that matches the song. Sometimes I need to lose myself in my thoughts to distract me from whats going on in my own life.. It used to be that I'd spend more time in my fiction rather than in reality.
    I hate to think that the only thing i have is writing, I have friends of course and a job but I'm not always thinking about them. I do have other friends who write but they spend most of their time thinking about guys. I don't have a guy/girl i like...
  2. Do you know what drives me crazy? Love sick girls. When i watch films and these girls are obsessed with some guy i think to myself thats not realisticbut then I'm out with my girl-friends and their talking about boys and crying and asking advice and it gets so boring after a while. My female friends need a distraction from men for a while, for my sanity and patience.