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  1. It hit me like a ton of bricks,
    I lay here motionless with no feel,
    Word after word you are never happy,
    Hit after slap after punck after kick,
    You still don't feel powerful.

    After everything began to clear up,
    I couldnt help but realize you've tricked me,
    You've made me believe that nothing I do is good enough,
    That every dream I have will never be accomplished,
    Well you my friend have suceeded,
    Keep pushing my limits,
    Keep stabbing my back,
    You're succeding in your lowlife accomplishments.

    I'm tired of your low end tirents,
    I've heard enough of what you want in me,
    I've dealt with all your bull****,
    And now I'm leaving.

    I can't come back.
    I won't come back.
    It's too much of my life being wasted.
    Already what I know,
    It's been wasted up to now.
    Each minute,
    Slower then the last.
    When I'm gone,
    Don't expect me back.