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  1. Please comment, critique, and tell me if you enjoyed it! :)

    Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. That’s the sound her shoes made as she walked down the hall. She had to see it for herself. To make sure she was right and they were wrong. I mean after 6 months together, you can tell stuff about a person. The way they walked, the way he talked, and the way they lie. James wouldn’t lie to you, she said to herself. Like a battle anthem this is what she chanted to herself as she walked down that never ending hallway. He said he was going to New York for the weekend with his parents. He always told her the truth. The others told her lies. Fed them to her like baby food. Sickingly sweet and nasty lies. He said he loved her, that nothing or anyone could break them up. He wanted to be with her forever. She had more stride in her step as she neared the door, but it soon faltered as she heard the noises coming from within. “James... Oh, baby! You should have gotten rid of that chick sooner. Why did we wait so long to have this much fun?” the female voice asked. James laughed his low, throaty laugh, “Oh, believe me Delilah. I tried but, she was quite clingy. You’re not clingy are you?” The girl laughed and said, “Only when I need something to hold on too.” Then, there was silence. The ground all of a sudden enveloped her. How? Why? She began to breathe, faster and faster till she sounded like she had just run a great distance. She got up shakily. They had been right, they’d all been right. She started to walk, faster and faster till she was running, sprinting down the hall. Their laughter followed her all the way.
    She stood in the middle of her room. The knife clutched to her breast. Pictures of her and him all around her, ripped in half and salt crusted. Her makeup looked like a clowns own makeup. She was breathing shallowly. The note she left sat on the table. Waiting to be found when someone came in. The knife was cold, sharp, and glistening with its own special shine. Like, it was waiting for her to begin. “Oh, happy dagger. This is thy sheath, there rust and let me die.” She said with a sad gleam in her eye.
    They found her a day later. She lay there peacefully, like she was sleeping instead of dead. Upon hearing she was dead, James rushed to her house. Her mother and father were sitting in a corner of the room not occupied by police. Her mother sat there distraught, her face a mask of pain. Her father was comforting his wife, while the tears rolled down his face. They did not know why their daughter decided to end her life. They couldn’t even fathom an idea. When James entered the house, her mother sat up and walked over to him. “This was for you,” she said, “I think she wanted you to know why.” With that, a suppressed sob came from her, and she walked back to her husband. James, with grim determined face, opened the letter and started to cry as he read it.

    “My dearest love James,
    I know everything. I know that you really didn’t love me. I know that you really didn’t care. What hurts me the most is that I still love you with all my heart. Every fiber of my being is filled with love for you. You had all of me. My heart, body, mind, and soul. I thought I had yours too until last night. It was like having a dagger plunged into my heart. So, I thought that since I felt that way, I might as well do it. Don’t blame yourself for what has happened. I can’t help that I was in love with someone who only felt half of what I did. I hope you think of me and smile, and have a happy life. I’ll be seeing you.
    My love to you forever,
    A week later, they found his body. He had shot himself in the head. In one hand he held the gun, next to him a bottle of whiskey, and in his other hand a note. This is what the note said.

    My love Jo,
    You left me behind without such a word. Delilah was a mistake. I thought that it would only be good fun. I never knew you would find out. I’m not regretting what I did or the way I did it. The only thing I regret is that I hurt you. I truly love you with every fiber of my being. I love you so much that I decided to join you instead of being left behind. You may be angry at me when I see you, but I have an eternity to win you back and if it takes that long, that’s what I’ll do. I think I see you now coming to get me. There’s that smile I’ve been missing. I’ll be seeing you.
    My love to you forever,