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  1. This morning, I had been awaken to one of my favorite childhood cartoons; "Fairly Odd Parents" along with my childish sister yelping along with the immature twin dogs. Too tired to care about what was next, I lay back down on my black-sheeted couch hoping the noise would soon dull to just a crack and I could rest once again.

    My wish was only granted for another half-hour before my also immature mom had awoken and added to my sister's screeching.

    After multiple aggrivations, I had brought myself to my feet and stumbled into the kitchen to feed myself. A cookie and ham sandwich was a good breakfast, yes?

    Currently, however. I'm writing a chapter of my current obsession; writing; along with Unbreakable Conspiracy... My attempts to find a site to post it at had failed multiple times ever since my original site; SBFC; had crashed to the end.​

    listening to: The Minstrel's Prayer - Cartel
    thinking about: Him
    writing: Unbreakable Conspiracy
    instant messaging: Andi