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  1. Ive never been they type of person to voice a negative opinion in vulgar or rude way but there has been so many things come into my head since ive joined these forums. I keep to myself and dont voice these opinions so i will just rant about some things through my blog in an indirect way. If anyone has noticed many people including myself have been basically shutdown on their posts by some people for me the same person each time. Each time i dont get a review, or a comment on my writings and its the same for everyone else, its always hey! your breaking a small bul**** insignificant rule so stop...... my favorite ones are the ones so bluntly obvious like when a review becomes a conversation between the reviewers and the writer on how to improve themselves instead of that certain piece of writing and someone has to come along because they have the power to and state the most obvious that the thread is going off topic! wow thank you for that useful piece of information we had no idea! i hate being talked down to, i hate being judged by an outside factor such as something so stupid as a posting status, i came here to be amoung intellectual peoeple not power tripping moderators, it doesent need to be so strict, the people here should know whats right and whats wrong. this is a friken writers forum immature punks and hackers dont come here to post their poems and they dont come here to write, matter of fact they dont come here at all so being restricted and talked down to is like a bigger insult than anything. im not saying there shouldent be any type of monitoring but please for the love of god stop comming off like brainwashed posting nazis