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  1. Hello to all who might take the time to read this. I have been writing shorts, novels and poetry for some time now (five years for the first two, one year for the latter) and sometimes writing cross-over work (known as novoetry to my friends... who could think of no better title for what I was producing). I love writing, basically it's my life and seriously it's like a drug to me. Can't believe I've gone this long without finding this website! I've been looking for a place to 1) Blog about my writing (and appear remarkably vain!) 2) See what other people think of my poetry (my first poem for this website is on the poetry competition, improvised in two minutes like all my other work, criticism would be very welcome!) and 3) Meet other people with a passion for it as me...

    ... to that end, hello writingforums members, hope you like my stuff. It's all rather simple, which is my preffered way of writing, so all can enjoy it. I write all sorts, some meaningful, and others meant to conjure up a scene from a movie or film that doesn't exist, snippets of a horror, whole scenes from a drama meant for the individual mind to experience in it's own unique way. Yes... you're right that does sound pretentious! Nevertheless, if you don't have self confidence in your own work, then you'll never get anywhere, so I'm grateful to have that rather than a nervous disposition.

    Currently writing a short, horror story, a fantasy novel and my second novoetry book sequence, will be posting snippets for criticism very soon. In the mean time, this website --> Bookmarked! Peace/out x