Is about me? I think? Emotion Purging, etc?
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  1. "No eyes, no ears, no nose, no mouth, no body, no mind, no shape, no shape."

    Have anyone heard this before?
  2. I typed in Shizai Ko on the internet and found parts of my blog there. That is a little scary to me. It seems to me that the name Shizai Ko is not a widely used name. There were six search results by that name "Shizai Ko". I wonder if I can change my name.
  3. Not that they like it. Actually they hate it. They think it is a waste of time. More so because it is about two homosexual guys. I have made other stories that they fully support on, but they will not support my on this one. No feedback, no opinion(other than why the two characters are gay), etc. So this may not be as good with personal feedback. The continuation of this story is on the line. I would talk to somebody else, but all the people in my life pretty much have the same biases.
  4. I have finally told one person about my story other than strangers on the internet. Also I began to watch a channel called LOGO. I'm already fimilar with SciFi television and now beginning to read other science fiction works. Also, althrough I'm not completely "out" with my story, I have grown to accept it, or at least it seems, because the plots and characters are flowing more now, like my other stories. I don't know if this is progression or retrogression or even trangression, but I'm moving.
  5. No strength left. I have exhausted my body, my mind, my spirit. The only thing left is this blood, drenched in a pool of it. Even my reflection is gone. I am nothing. All I have acquired is nothing. All of what I am is nothing. So this is it. I feel so blank. It is only you and me. I like this. Its so simple. I have nothing holding me back, nothing to hide from. I remember this feeling, it was what I used to be. That was... that was yesterday. So who will I become now. Resolution is still a foreign place, still so far. I am my beginning, that beginning of what I am. This one last thing, you want from me. This mask, this fake color, the illusion that fooled so many people including myself. I am nothing without it, but I was nothing from the beginning. So here.