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  1. sometimes I get to see you sometimes not, you're going away for a while and I don't even know for how long. I miss your voice and try to make this into poetry but I've always sucked at poetry, bah, what does it matter?
    I know I am not the most obvious person in the room but I doubt you do not see me, though, I do wonder whether you're trying to ignore me.

    Screaming in my head, life seeping from my soul into anything but us.

    I see you, I hear you, I miss you...

    perhaps I was right to assume that dreaming was never for one such as I. What can I do? A relationship is between two people so, you knowing my intentions, the move is yours to make yet perhaps, if that is the case, you have already made your move and I am to drown in this empty ocean, dark expanse below has the silence I believe I have craved for my whole life. Would you give to me the life I cannot see with any other?