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  1. Awww yeah, something happened last night, and my notes went through an explosive growth spurt. This is beyond groovy.

    Day... 8...?

    Magic system now sophisticated enough to write an esoteric tome about. Reader may require a degree in magic to comprehend though, so have to be careful not to get... technical?

    Thinking about writing short stories in my setting to utilize the full potential of my notes. Good or bad idea? I'll get on it soon, hopefully create some short stories and post 'em up.

    Put major project on hold? Work on another, since my notes have taken a twist in a completely other direction that I must say feels incredibly exciting. Then again, these revelations can be incorporated to the story I have been musing about easily to add flavour and texture...

    Plot still an issue. I need a story to tell. The setting is developing at a dramatic rate, with characters lagging a little behind, but actual events have yet to form a coherent timeline. Balls. I'll have to brainstorm this, I've been putting it off since I hate creating plot.

    Other news:

    Partaking in psychology experiments as part of my course. Nothing unusual, did that last year. However, what is interesting is that this year, I found lots of qualitative studies to partake in that essentially ask one to write stories, or describe individuals.

    Improve my skills as a writer AND earn credits for my course? Yes please. I got the synergy.

    Have to boast here as well for some reason, did massively well in Social & Theoretical essay. Apparently second-highest mark in the entire pool of 2nd year students. Beyond chuffed. Not that anyone here cares, but still. In yo' face.

    Creative aids:
    Currently enjoying a potent caffeine high induced by what must be a litre of energy drink. 2 cans, both 500ml or so, yeah. Nice. Monster and that cheap swill, Relentless. Eurgh, watered down and yucky, it is the beer of the energy drink world. It -is- dirt-cheap though, and in studentia, quantity, not quality, must be the word of the day.

    Music has taken a back-seat as creativity has finally surged forth. This was further exacerbated by the girlfriend wishing to communicate with me from the sofa, resulting in prompt removal of headphones. She did me a favor, I think. Lyrics and sweet guitar solos tend to interfere with writing. Then again, so does overhearing the episodes Family Guy she was watching. God that show is awesome.

    Regardless, the current musical trend in my world seems to be dark ambient. Atrium Carceri, Desiderii Marginis, Sephiroth. I dare any horror fan to read a particularly scary passage of horror alone, late at night, in dim lighting, while listening to In Chaos Eternal by Atrium Carceri from a set of expensive headphones. That music weirds you out... This also works to enchance any scary gaming some of you might be doing.
  2. I am such a lazy 'tard. Doing things like gaming and listening to music and, horror of horrors, University work instead of working on my project!

    Day I don't know anymore. 7?

    Written another short excercept of a major scene. Oh, and some more minor stuff to get a feel for how things are going to play out.

    Other than that, my notes don't seem to be expanding. I'm just... musing in my head. When walking to/from university or shops. I need to get my act together.


    Magic continues to be refined, adding depth and sophistication.

    Playing with personalities for different characters.

    I really really REALLY need to draft a skeleton for a plot. Make decisions. Most of all, I need a coherent ending. I know, I know, they say one should have a beginning and an ending before they put pen to paper (finger on key?).

    But hey! Creative Aides:

    Recently mapped down my musical taste more exactly. Found I was a gooey, mushy mass of softness as far as metalheads go. Immediately added heavier **** like Dagoba and Bloodjinn. I'm such a freak...

    Found some songs I remember were on the radio from when I was 12 or so! Fabulous.

    Also, apparently the girlfriend likes Monster energy drink as well. It's a surreal feeling, she hates energy drinks. And agreement on a matter of taste with her is just freaking odd in general, of course. Generic 80's music, eeeeww... Although some of it is listenable, I guess...

    Top three groups of noise of recent days? Sybreed, Atreyu, Blood Stain Child. Futuristic Hybrid Metal & Metalcore equals Yay.

    No drinks today though, have to tighten the belt. Don't have moneys for splurging on caffeine. Hey, maybe that's why my writing suffers... Anyone care to start a fund to fuel the fires of my creation? Oh, no wait. I had a can. Damn, out of excuses - But I'm writing now, right? Yes. I can see a correlation. Caffeine+Taurine = Creativity.
  3. Day one.

    Ought to use this space for recording my project as it trods along. Treating this blog like a diary, apologies to any readers - If I get attention, will be sure to make it a nice interactive blog for you guys!

    This is an important time. A long-winded process of mulling over ideas has finished; years of musing in long car trips and other periods of quiet reflection have birthed elements that speak of magic, monsters and an adolescent boy who needs to navigate this realm that is rapidly forming. A bountiful archive of fantasy paraphernalia is inside my head, ready to be organized and put on paper.

    My signing up on these boards and actively using the resources available to me here are testament to the fact that this time I will try my hardest to at least finish.

    I make the solemn promise to get this novel out.

    As such, allow me to present day one of project "HorrorTundra" as it begins to be recorded:

    No title as of yet, as such name is strictly work in progress. It will do.

    Overall, definitely still in planning stage. This is an intensive process however - I am impressed with my mind. It's like a crucible of ideas that spill forth with minimal effort! As such, anticipate to begin tentative attempts at first chapters within a week.

    Genre established a few days ago, Dark Fantasy/Horror.

    Cohesion of plot ideas and elements in progress. Currently tying together character histories and personalities.

    Current main character count: 4.

    History and geographical data of world are still non-existent. Only have mood of the environment - foresty, cold north shall be my setting of choice. More than a little influenced by the geography of finland! Dim historical anecdotes on the northlands have been established. Main events of relevant ancient history are shaping up nicely though.

    I am very pleased with how the magic system is shaping up. Both main methods have been established, and mechanics for execution are being elaborated and expanded. Will likely have an intricate yet original system soon.

    Divine (Creation) versus Blood (Entropy) dichotomy seems to work well.

    Loving the conceptualization of my monsters. I've just realized that my demons bear a fun resemblance to modern zombie movies in many ways. Won't elaborate, but it's fun. No stupid shambling here though...

    Haven't actually begun writing yet, bar a short excercept from what I anticipate to be towards the end of the novel. Will likely require heavy editing, but it was more to a. just write something to get a sense of my current style b. explore writing a horror-tinged fantasy c. get something out for people to critique. Will have to post it out soon.

    Top problems at present:

    Plot! Plot is still slightly hazy, and I don't even have notes down - Must get at least fragments on doc so I don't forget.

    There is a nagging fear that main character will end up a copy of Raistlin Majere. Must make conscious effort to avoid this fate.

    No idea how my actual writing is! While as far as I can see the set of ideas is sound, it's useless if the actual writing can't bring them to life. Particularly worried whether I can make my horror horrifying, and the creeps creepy. Will have to see, practice makes perfect.

    Creative resources:

    I'll make a habit of listing my creative aides, this should give me more incentive to update this section, which in turns reminds me to keep writing. I anticipate these to be mainly caffeine based products and heavy metal.

    Cans of energy drink: 1, Monster energy drink. My first one ever, actually. Really sugary - even for an energy drink. Like a liquid chocolate bar, yummy at first but you struggle towards the end, and abhor the thought of another one!

    Top songs of today:

    2 times terror - Ikävässä Paikasa
    2 times terror - Maailman Tuomari
    Owl city - Fireflies (how uncharacteristic of me, owl city is as soppy as music gets!)
    Owl city - The Bird and the Worm

    Spotify discovery: Raunchy - Nght Prty

    "Myrkyttäkää tuo kasvi,
    maasta kitkekää!
    Umpihangesta kasvaa
    vittumainen kusipää!"