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  1. Don't normally write it but I think I may because:
    A) The 9th grade lit teacher that was in charge of Creative Writing last year saw me at Open House and got on me because I haven't been writing anything except (deleted, for the most part) journals, and I hate to disappoint a teacher that awesome and
    B) I'm freaking desperate for something to write.

    So, I shall write a Total Drama fanfic (again- I ditched the last one I had on Quizilla because it was a half-assed idea) and see where I go.

    Until I get ten pages and someone likes it, I shall be gone.

    Peace for now-
  2. even though you're probably going, Who the heck is solarstarrkatt?
    Since I'm on my own laptop again, I am going to be writing. I have new ideas that need nursing to become great short stories!
  3. Not like "OMG ROFL" funny, but kind of funny, in a sick and twisted way.
    Long story short, I sent purplerevolution on Yahoo! pics of celebs she hates. Or doesn't like. Either/or.
    I got a pack of Bandz. Dino shaped.
  4. But not mine. Its my dad's new and also very expensive Inspiron 17. Very big. Not like Baby though. (My laptop needs a better name... she's like, six years old, which [if you'll pardon my French] means that if she um, dies or something I am royally screwed. A new laptop, not a netbook, runs between eight-hundred and eleven-hundred bucks. Out of my reach.)
    I need a flashdrive. I didn't lose much on my old one (Shut up Max)
    Oh, and I got a band. One of those Bandz? It's a cement truck. It makes me happy, because one of my friends have it to me :D

    Edit: I'm too lazy to start a new entry, and I have no wish to spam. So...

    Okay, so I've been reading a lot of vampire books. I have a story about vampires right now, but it is... locked on my laptop....
    I'm doing the no sunlight/bats/human blood deal. I think if I were to make anohter theory for vampires someone would kill me :p
    The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, the new Eclipse novella, was tragic. Won't go into detail
    Marked, the House of Night book, I loved. But, I hate Kayla and Heath. I hope they die :p
    Eighth Grade Bites is a little iffy right now. I don't know if I should like it or hate it. Time will only tell.
  5. Okay, so I was looking for shoes with my dad, so we walk into Shoe Carnival. I figured someone would ask for help, and I was right. When someone asked us if he could help us, I told him that I was looking for my rabid puppy that goes by the name of Scruffy. He went along to say that he saw a rabbit, but not a rabid puppy. So cool....
    Oh, and Twilight Fans rejoice; I got The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I thought it was sad, even though I knew Bree would die in the end. I almost wish she was allowed to live. Would've made the last book more interesting. Maybe :)