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  1. So, this is my first blog post here at WritingForums.org. I must say, I enjoy this forum. I tried it out a while back and found it to my likening, but had to put it, and all writing endeavors, aside due to time constraints. Well, I am back for a second try.

    About me: I always enjoyed creative writing when I was a kid, and always had a pipe-dream of one day being a professional writer. Then, at about the age of 19, I found an online writing site where I could post stories and critique others. I fell in love. The instant gratification of getting feedback, as well as the education of returning the favor, sent me to cloud nine.

    Oh, to be young(er). Jobs and adult responsibilities slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) ate away at my writing time until I set it aside for "another day". Well, today is that other day, hopefully. I still have a job and adult responsibilities, but now I have something I didn't have before, conviction. My first go around was just a fun-loving, whimsical jaunt into the world of creative writing. Now, however, I mean business.

    I am realistic enough to know that I will probably never make it big. But, I am confident enough to think I can at least get published into some print mags (though probably only small print stuff). Although the pride I will feel for publishing my stuff will be nice icing on the cake, I am feeding my writing hobby on my need to create something. I need to have a tangible (and I do consider words tangible) thingamabob that I can say "I made that".

    So, that's me. I have a few years experience writing and critiquing short stories, but no real accomplishment to my name. Here's to changing that.