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Blog entries by SonnehLee

  1. Okay! So, I had a thought today. For the first time in a long time, I have an iPod and headphones. And I'm listening to a comedian, Mitch Hedberg, and I accidentally pulled the ear phones out. Then, I put them in, and I missed the punch line of a good joke. So, this is what I think should be invented. Motion-activated headphones. That way, it'll pause when you accidentally rip headphones...
  2. My hopes/dreams were shot down today. *sigh* Cried for a while. Decided to buy a calendar to count down the days til I'm free of this place. Long, bad day. Talked to a few people who made me feel a bit better. (Thanks Matt.) Retail therapy starts tomorrow. Praying that tomorrow will be better and everything won't fall to pieces.
  3. So, have you ever had one of those days where everything starts out well, and you're all nice and happy, and then before you even realize anything has happened, the world falls to bits? well, if you haven't, you are very blessed. And if you have, I hope you don't have any more. Today was designated as "paint Emily's room" day, by my mother. My room was supposed to be painted four months...
  4. So, today. I was thinking. *scary face* About clouds. So. Here is a list. And a question. Tell me what cloud you are on. The Ground: You are suicidally depressed. If help is not found in a very short time period, there may be problems. Cloud 1: You have had a horrible day. You are generally depressed, but this is worse than you had expected. Cloud 3: You are not generally...
  5. So happy. Happier than I've been in a long time. Smiling from ear to ear, feeling like myself again. It's beautiful.
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