The Shoreline

I long to take a walk where I can watch the shoreline meet the sea.
Here among the cool ocean air, life and inspiration are revealed to me.
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  1. Okay, so I've heard all the hype about the Twilight book series but I really don't understand all the excitement.

    Seems to me that the most enthusiastic fans are just girls swooning over whatshisname. Sure, that's what girls do (not all girls, mind you, but a lot), but I really don't understand why it is so popular!

    I haven't read the books. I have absolutely no desire to. But from reading the posts on this website about the series, it would appear they are not even well written. Is this just another teen love story with an unbelieveable twist? Seriously, vampires seem extremely cliche, and the story does not at all make sense to me. Is it really all about the one time they kiss (or however many times) and how desperately they want to be together (I don't know the story, but I would imagine there is some reason at the end they can't)? Or, is it really all about a "cute couple" and how far then can take their love without her getting bitten by him?

    I honestly don't know what to make of Twilight. As of now, I can only conclude that it is a played-up fad that has little to no quality. I will be researching it more in the near future; I have an open (if not prejudiced against cliche love stories and vampires) mind about this, so if anyone happens to read and has any opinions they'd like to share, I'd love to talk about it.
  2. Okay, here's another poem I did. I know the structure kinda falls apart at the end of the poem, sorry! Still, I had fun writing it and hopefully somebody will have fun reading it :)


    Hit the ground running,
    Fleeing a terrible beast,
    I hear a distant rumbling,
    And the ground it shakes beneath.

    This ancient wilderness,
    Has caught me in its teeth,
    Can't bring myself to assess,
    What moves below my feet.

    Something in my speech slurs.
    Something in the wind stirs.
    Something overhead blurs.
    Stay away, it's my life not yours!

    Caught in this false paradise.
    Naught left before you realize.

    I'm in some evil snare,
    If you're the hunter I'm the hare,
    Atleast I am aware,
    That buzzards circle here.

    I'm saved from this rip and tear,
    Something grabs me by the hair,
    And takes me down down down,
    And down.
  3. I love this place! The moderators and site owner have done a great job in making it a friendly and enjoyable environment, so thanks!

    Thanks from Sonshine! :)
  4. If you've ever had muscle cramps (sometimes known as a charlie horses) you might be able to relate! This is fairly simple I think, but a totally practical inspiration :)


    I try to move,
    Again the vise closes.
    I try to prove,
    That I am not hopeless.

    I want to run,
    I am tied down tightly.
    I want to hum,
    But pain stops me frightfully.

    I act so brave,
    Can't give myself to pain.
    I act so save,
    Me from this mental acclaim.

    I am crippled,
    The joy of my legs is gone.
    I am doubled,
    Harsh twinges are overdone.

    I hear murmurs,
    Will he ever prance or tramp?
    I hear whispers,
    My muscles and happiness cramp.
  5. My signature was taken from this which I wrote quite some time ago.


    Through the lame man's reach,
    And the mute man's speech.
    If this is my testimony,
    What then can I teach?

    All I leave is embers,
    When the fire becomes the former.
    And all I leave is embers,
    All I leave is embers.

    My flames have gone out,
    Mind surrounded by doubt.
    I'm slipping away and
    I try so hard to shout.
    (But no sound comes out)

    Ash stained shambles of soul,
    Solitude has taken its toll.
    I long to see a face,
    But my name isn't on the Scroll.

    All I leave is embers,
    When the fire becomes the former.
    And all I leave is embers,
    All I leave is embers.