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  1. Is that profile picture me? Aw man.
    I've grown a bigger nose and all. Also, my hair has gone and come a few times since then. Now it's pretty medium again. :)

    I've even got a new website:

    I'm not back btw. :p
  2. Once there was a girl on this forum. She had a brother who liked making fun. So when the girl forgot to logout he wrote all nonsense with her name. The girl didn't like it. So another time(not so long ago) the brother decided to make an account on the forum with another name than his own. He would somehow try to become his sisters friend on the forum without her knowing who he really was. But the girl was clever and saw that it was her brother because of the way he wrote. So his plan didn't succeed. I have something to confess... The girl is Lydia and the boy is Stefan(me).
  3. Welcome to my blog. Friends (and no friends) may post whatever they like here. Keep it polite and please don't curse. Thank you.
  4. Hi.

    Hello, this is my first attempt to write something in my blog.
    Thank's all for greeting me welcome. Because I don't know how this works I'll just ty. (Trial and error:p)
    Let's see what this does.:D