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  1. Do you think people have an option at the end of the day whether to die peacefully or go back to the life they have been trying to make better and have a second chance at it?

    We all know people who have been taken when we could have argued that it wasn’t their time to go. These are the people who make you look at yourself and make you want to live life to the fullest. The ones who oozed ambition, smiled liked they meant it and had self discipline to reach the goals in life that mattered. The people who thrived off making more of themselves than just being sucked into the mass of destruction we see in the less ambitious in everyday life. These are the ones you could look at and have hope that everything does work out for the best and there are genuine people left in the world.

    Though, as it stands, life has a way of giving you so much then taking it away. Think of all the times you’ve got excited over something or can’t wait for something to happen. Isn’t that just numbers being called, like in a game of bingo that every time a number comes up its time to be put to the test and see how you cope when life slaps you across the face? Ever asked what the fascination is with elderly people playing bingo?

    Whether your number has been called or you know someone who’s number has randomly been called it all starts with that sinking feeling inside: the feeling that leaves you breathless, panicky and feeling sick. And most importantly when you know someone who has just got a full house that feeling is intensified to a level that you have no choice but to question your own life.

    Let’s say your number has been called a few times. Maybe your numbers are being called more than you think for one lifetime; you might even have a full line. Do we have an indication of this by the amount of obstacles in our way or seeing how many times we can be hurt before thinking that we are worthless or is it all the trivial times when we ask ourselves ‘what else can go wrong today?’.

    And let’s widen the field more by asking if life was so shit would we really want to fight for it? People play bingo to win so surely by getting a full house it can’t be that bad. Let’s be honest though, we’re all different and individual and have so many things in life that make us who and what we are, whether that be personality, looks, what grates on our nerves, and most importantly what makes us smile.

    I’m not a fan of bingo myself and I do believe that that if God was calling out numbers then he only has himself to blame for the negativity and confusion that we live in today but hey, I’m not a religious person and I don’t believe in God.

    I do believe in myself and I say stick two fingers up to the whole world and live life smiling from the inside. Dreams are merely goals to aim towards so start living your dreams and if your number is called whether that is a random number or for the full house leaving you with a choice, then that’s easy...........fight to the bitter end. Who wants to win cheap prize when you have so much to achieve?