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  1. Since the day we started talking I haven't been able to get you out my head.
    Only happy thoughts about you, I can't imagine what's up ahead.
    Everything's feeling so perfect, everything feels so right
    We've had our bad moments, ye I know, we do fight
    But even then I want you near, even then I want you close
    Even then I wonder to myself how all this time you've been under my nose.

    Words can't seem to fulfill the explanation I want to give you about how I feel
    But if this is wrong then I don't wanna be right. I want this to be real.
    I want us to grow together, I wanna be da chick by your side.
    I wanna give you all of me! From you, I have nothing to hide!
    I laid out my life to you, I've told you everything with veracity
    I'm giving you all of me, more than just what your eyes can see.

    Every conversation we have, makes your inner beauty harder to ignore.
    Building a desire within me, making your mind what I wanna explore!
    I want to learn and know you, feel you, and understand you.
    I wanna be there for you, know what to say, what to do.
    I wanna be everything you need...
    I wanna be your dream come true.

    I wanna give to you, what you've given to me and more.
    The feeling of willingness, of peace - no more wars!
    The calmness, feeling like I can breathe
    The feeling I've always wanted of happiness
    You make me feel like it can be achieved.
    You make me want to keep going, you keep my head up high
    Tears of happiness, I never thought I'd cry

    I've been so delighted since the moment we started talking again
    Im so excited to learn more of you, to be more than your friend.
    Im completely enraptured by this person and this feelings so true...
    Im completely head over heels for you Daddy,
    All I want is you!
  2. So damn empty, feeling so alone.
    So much sadness eating me straight to my bones.
    I front, I smile, I joke, I laugh.
    But me inside, I'm broken in half.
    I'm not even me, I don't even know who I am.
    I don't wanna be here, living life full of fear.
    It's like I can't see, I feel I can't hear.
    Everyone's words go into my mind and straight out my ear.
    I can't believe no one, I have no type of trust.
    Everyone does me dirty like it's some type of must.
    I'm just so tired, so tired of life.
    All I think of is ending myself.
    Don't leave me around no knife...
    My thoughts don't stop. I'm so tired of thinking!
    If my hearts already sunk, How come it keeps sinking?
    Why am I so empty? Why can't I feel?
    Why are my scars so hard to heal?
    I just wanna be erased, I don't wanna be here.
    I feel so desperate, what move do I make?
    Help me God, there's not much more I can take.
    I'm so mad, so full of hate, so full of anger
    I can't handle all this weight...

    **November 2007**
  3. I can't help but think cuz in reality thats all that I can do.
    I can't help but have my guard up,
    too many people try to play me like they fool.
    Im tired of hearing trust me, Im tired of f*cking believing.
    That's why now I can't help but turn my back and letchu know that I'll be leaving.
    Yea, I'm quick to let go...
    Yea, I'm quick to give up...
    But in reality, my heart just don't give a f*ck.
    Somebody speak to me with truth, I'm so f*ckin fed up with the lies.
    You can try to play me stupid but you ain't never gon see me cry.
    Tears don't fall from these eyes, they're all dried out.
    And my ears is f*ckin tired of hearing mutha f*ckas shout.
    For that reason I don't want nobody, but I can't stand to be alone.
    The sound of silence takes me to a zone.
    My life's a f*ckin circle, once again I start the thinking.
    But my heart and souls already sunk,
    So I ain't worried about it sinking....

  4. Disrespect is something I've had for most of my life.
    The extracurricular activity I had was to have to fight.
    Now I've grown stronger and have took care to not be in those situations.
    I'd be damned before I have some stupid ass nigga come along like I'm stupid.
    I'd be damned before you make me look dumb.
    I ain't takin no disrespect, once you've made me feel it, to feelings I go numb!
    Damn youre confused. Damn boi youre wrong!
    I don't care if you're thinking I'm weak, cause thats my only way of feelings strong.
    Standing up for myself, closing up to all the disrespect and pain.
    You think that in my life I'ma let in the rain??
    I ain't having no more relationships bringing me side effects.
    I accept you being out my life before letting in some disrespect!!