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  1. http://www.mikeslife.org/content/friends i am a guest blogger on Mikeslife for the second time. I would really like it if some more comments and guest blogs were offered for mine at www.writersend.com
  2. I have been away recently, not all by choice but to do with a medical condition called Multiple Myeloma and an even worse one to spell, amyloidosis! I try not to let them govern my life, they have taken up enough of it and as I am quite well for the moment I try to ignore them. But things happen that they are directly, or indirectly responsible for and it´s irritating to say the least. I have been contributing to this forum for months and had various comments and contributions on but when I came back after a break I could not get in! I have made it in but there seem to be changes to the format; are there, as in for everyone, or has being absent meant some changes have been made to my account?
    I have a blog called www.writersend.com
    and that takes up a lot of my time. I do not like change as I am not very good with computers and it takes me a long time to learn something. I will try to make time to find my way around and to contribute.
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