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  1. "Ha! Look I finally found it!" cried a boy of eleven years of age. He was a high spirited boy and his yellow eyes showed it quite well. This boy, Jack Rose, wasn't the richest of kids. He barely had enough to survive. His brown t-shirt was ripped in several places and was covered in dirt more than half way. He had on a pair of jeans, rare for kids like him, that were ripped off a bit below the knees. His knees were bruised and dirty but that didn't stop this dark brown haired boy.

    "Let me see," whined another boy. He was also around eleven. He stood a bit taller than Jack but he wasn't that tall. He was merely average for his age. He had large, worried red eyes, strange for people to have, that kept darting around. His brown hair was neatly combed and his clothes were in a much better shape. His tan shirt had its sleeves rolled up along with his black dress pants. Even though his clothes were in a better shape, they were slowly becoming dirty crawling around on the forest floor. This boy was called Paul Christopher.

    He crawled over to see what Jack was looking at. There was something shinny hiding under some leaves. Jack brushed them off the object to reveal a small sword.

    "Told you it was real! My mom was right after all," Jack said happily.

    "There's two of them Jack. I thought there was only one," Paul said as he picked up one. The hilt was a dark brown that appeared almost as a black. He turned it in his hand.

    "I guess so. One for each of us." Jack picked up the one that was behind the first one. It had a light hilt, kind of a tan white or a pale color.

    "We ought to call them something special so everyone will fear them or praise them!" Paul said as he held his up above his head, the light bouncing off it.

    "Yeah you're right. Mine is going to be the Poison Sun Rays. Look, the handle reminds me of the sun," Jack pointed out.

    "Yeah, and mine shall be the Moon Light Killer! Together we shall be--"

    "The Elemental Duet! It's perfect! Now I'll be able to get the money I need and you'll be able to show that good for nothing brother who's boss. We'll both win here!" Jack said as put away the new weapon.

    "This friendship shall last forever, Jack. I can see it. Our kids will be friends and their kids will be even more of friends," Paul said and he stood up.

    "Haha! That's true! I can't see it any other way right now. Let's get back home before the sun sets on us," Jack said and dashed off. "Hurry slow poke!"

    Their friendship did not last. That very week it ended quickly. A fire burned down the little place Jack Rose called home. There, as the fire filled the night sky, stood Paul Christopher as well. He was merely worried about his best friend but his sword showed the reflection of the fire. Jack instantly sought to blame Paul for all of this. Their fight was a ghastly one. Jack going for the attack as Paul desperately tried to defend. Then, being pulled away by a higher class man, shouted angrily, "It's all your fault they are dead! I swear on their bodies, I will kill you!"

    They separated and drifted away suddenly. Neither wanted to see each other again. Each was afraid of the other. Years passed. Both Jack and Paul grew up but Jack never forgot that day. One day at the age of 39, his sword vanished at dusk. Paul didn't know why or who had taken it. Simply, it was Jack again. He sliced his childhood friend's chest open and left him to die, unaware that the two swords together had caused Paul's death not the wounds.