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  1. Prepare for ramble.

    I'll be frank: I love and hate Jr. High.

    I love it for the reason most hate it: the actual educational value is much higher than Elementry, and if one teacher sucks you have others to fall back on. The opportunity of advanced classes are a lovely addition as well. I feel like I'm actually learning something for the first time since maybe Kindergarten.

    But the social part makes me want to chuck a select few people at wall.
    I know quite well that this is an awkward age for everyone, especially seventh grade, so I can't hold absolutely everything against them. But it does not give half the grade the excuse to be flat out mean to anyone who isn't wearing Hollister.
    I don't let it phase me personally, but just seeing it hurt others is reason enough to make me really mad.
    Not to brag, but I'm quite certain my mental age is a bit higher than most twelve and thirteen year olds. I don't care about boys other than as friends. I don't care about cloths. AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD I DO NOT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT WHO IS GOING OUT WITH WHO. They're twelve. They have a lot of life left. They can worry about that later. I like somebody. Its not a big deal.
    But everything is with girls this age. A broken nail is the apocolypse. A jealous friend is nuclear warfare.
    I've been told high school is better. I've been told its worse.
    I realize the world isn't fair, and I'm in the minority with my independent thinking, but I'm in a not too great mood today. ^^; Sorry.