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  1. Running backwards through a doorway to an endless flight of stairs,
    The marten gave a shiver, for he was truly scared.
    The lobsters clambered up the walls to see the fool advance,
    And, in excitement, called all crustaceans up to dance.

    In flew the owl - his down pearl white, his eyes as wise as winter.
    He took good note of the marten’s fright and so the noble thinker
    did suggest that perhaps the marten take a partner on his voyage,
    So that on his journey downward all danger could be avoided.

    “Yea, good thinking,” cried the marten and summoned his friend tortoise,
    Who arrived promptly after, astride a mighty porpoise.
    And so began the daunting trip to far-away-and-gone,
    The tortoise upon the marten’s back looking down, along.

    They noted spiders on the walls and markings - painted faces,
    Scary looking people of many different races.
    They saw them fighting, guns in hand and many lying dead,
    With spears in chests and bombs of death and a man without a head!

    They saw man’s war stretch ever more beyond what light could reach,
    “Wasn’t it goodness,” the marten began, “that these men set out to teach?”
    “Yes,” said tortoise, “but goodness died along with man’s lost conscience.
    Now we live eternally to revel in their nonsense.”

    (Original can be seen here)
  2. Today, I thought I would speak about something a little more scientific. It’s been a while since I have had to write a science essay so I thought that today would be as good as any, as I had criteria with which to build my essay upon.
    A spurt of something struck me today and I didn’t know quite what it was. My symptoms were peculiar - ones which I normally don’t feel. I suppose it was a simple burst of anti-social teenagerism or perhaps an overspill of anger from not sleeping enough last night, going to bed at 2 and waking at 8. But today I seemed to have become something that I most desperately aspire to prevent. I became a vampire.

    Colin Wilson - famous author - wrote many tales of vampires, but before creating as far-fetched a novel as “The Space Vampires,” he analyzed and researched what was meant by a vampire. Now, a dictionary definition of a vampire is: a mythological or folkloric being who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, regardless of whether the vampire is undead or a living person. Now, Colin Wilson took this development further and found that vampires do exist and are able to sap the energy from a living person. Less gory than blood, these vampires are able to absorb spiritual energy, causing others around them to feel tired and broken and leaving the absorber refreshed. I practice the art of “psychic shielding”, as in the past I suffered from an illness that I diagnosed, where I became a “human sponge“, soaking in the emotions of those around me. Wiccans refer to the “human sponge syndrome” as the gift of being an “empath”, an incarnation of part of the Triple Goddess’s heart where compassion and empathy lie. But “empaths” are very susceptible to depression and anxiety due to emotions developing without a particularly obvious source. I was such an “empath”. For a while now I have needed to practice “psychic shielding” as my family are very tightly woven. We feel similar emotions and, as a strong family unit, require each other’s motivation to maintain a strong line of energy to carry on.
    Being a “human sponge” I found that at times I could create a blip in the family’s “happiness meter” or, if one was upset I would also become upset, dragging further family members down too.

    Now, today I found something interesting - I had just woken up incorrectly or something had gone wrong, but this morning I woke up as a temporary vampire. I was draining energy from the people around me. I could feel it. But then I realized that what I had become was a horrible, monstrous thing. Luckily for me, my family and friends are such a warm group that they simply radiate energy and love so no dents were made in the “family energy flux”.

    What one must be aware of is the presence of vampires. They exist. When ones meets a vampire they are a hard person to bare. They are energy consuming and energetic and seek more and yet more attention, but not positive attention. They are seeking targets to sap energy from. If they are on a low, a vampire is more difficult to spot, but is visible never the less. They are lethargic, labored and speak in a drone. That is what I was today, but luckily the power of my family and friends was enough to kill the beast. Now I am happy again, as you can see by my inspiration to write. I feel as if I need a nap, that is all.

    No need to put salt on the window sills or hang garlic dear reader. The easiest way to defeat a vampire is just use your internal energy to form a wall around you. Fight fire with fire. A vampire despises being met with happiness and warmth. They enjoy sapping energy from people and over-powering them. However, a vampire does not know they are a vampire generally. But, if they are a good person, merely confused by a skewed perception of internal satisfaction, a vampire can be cured by offering them an alternative energy intake or motivation.

    A vampire becomes a vampire normally because of neglect or a lack of love/compassion from others. They can be cold and off-handish; perhaps even socially inept. A vampire needs help. Don’t hate a vampire for what they do. Offer them the help that they so desperately need.