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  1. Raging, red fire blazed, crackling and burning life in a blinding light
    Like the rubric glow of a mystifying orb in the diamond twilight
    The hungry fire greedily feasts upon every slice of paradise in its deadly pathway
    As if magically transforming the wondrous forest into an ash-coloured grey
    The hard sting of choking smoke swiftly envelops the rapidly dying earth
    The deathly silence cruelly soaks into the crumbling land, killing any mirth

    Suddenly, cleansing rain escapes from the thundering heavens, conjuring a redolent smell
    Fiercely pouring its powerful rage upon the fiery devils of the evil hell
    Miraculously bringing new life to a dead wasteland, whose hopes of redemption were low
    Happily leaving behind a liberated country and an astonishing, multi-coloured rainbow
  2. Dark shadows were embedded under his suffering eyes like twinkling diamonds encrusted deep within the earth's ground. His dirty hair clung to his weary face and his shallow breathing felt like a huge effort with every breath. His frail body was positioned on an old rickety chair which sat near a dusty table. White snow fluttered toward the ground outside. Pale moonlight shone through the square window, casting an eerie light throughout the old shack. He held a black feather in his rugged hands and slowly dipped it into a small ink pot. He began to carefully write on the thin sheet of parchment in front of him.

    " My close friend,
    I am dying. I have been ever since I abandoned my dear family. My footsteps no longer have the spring they once had. I smile no more and my laugh is but an echo of the past. My head aches so and at many times, it is hard to keep my thoughts clear. I can no longer go outside for the cold is too much for my weakening body to handle. I hear things that are not even there and I fear I am losing my senses. I feel as if I am slowly fading like the large and powerful flames of a blazing fire burning down into the feeble red ashes. I know not the disease that has taken control of my body, but I know I shall not stay on this earth for long. I ask of you only one favour. That is to take care of my wife and young son. Please be their protector and solid rock in stormy weather. Be the resonating light that will lead them through the most treacherous terrain. Be the strong and proud man that I could never be. I beg of you do this! Now, I feel as if I can write no more. Goodbye, my dear friend, once and for all."

    With that, he quickly scribbled his signature. He leaned back into his wooden chair, thoughts of his precious family still emblazoned within this mind. He tried to rise from his chair but suddenly collapsed back into it. He felt weak, so weak. His eyelids fluttered closed and his shallow breathing finally stopped. He had gone into eternal sleep.
  3. Far away from this planet and its kind
    A mystical universe is hidden
    Thousands of twinkling stars dot it's black sky
    Seeming to form an alluring picture

    Lying within these heavenly objects,
    Is a fascinating whitish-blue world
    Which turns smoothly and slowly in a sphere
    And has large flat rocks circling its center

    What secret is within its' boundaries?
    What mystery does it behold inside?
    Who lives behind that cryptic veil of mist?
    Who dwells indoors of that numinous cloak?

    A mythic legend answers these queries
    That certain people believe to be true
    For many legends are founded on facts
    And all facts are established from whole truths

    You must discover this legend alone
    Unmask its screened facade and find the truth
  4. A fast bullet pierces a young girl's chest
    She crumbles to the ground in agony
    Finally, she closes her eyes to permanently rest
    Leaving behind other scenes of horror and disharmony
    A young soldier stares in shock at what he has done
    Tears fall from his eyes for the limp body on the dirt
    Another loud shot fires from his gun
    His eyes also close, ending his pain and hurt

    George Bush sits calmly in his high-back office chair
    Watching the news on Iraq, he laughs, thinking it funny
    For the people that are murdered and dying, he does not care
    All he cares for is his possession of money

    In Zimbabwe, two soldiers bash a man and woman to dissolution
    The soldiers laughing cruelly at their last cries of fear and pain
    All soldiers will continue to choke the citizens like pollution
    As long as Robert Mugabi will continue to reign
    How can you soldiers kill your people and family?
    Just for money and your sickly amusement
    How can you soldiers pillage and plunder your country?
    Just for jewels and your sickly entertainment
  5. I sit back and watch my television
    My anger rising at the injustice that is always done
    For in this crooked world we live in
    The man who wins is the man who holds the gun

    I see an American Indian killed for the land
    Because of white man's greed
    I see an Aboriginal boy shot dead where he stands
    Because of white man wanting more than they needs
    I see an African girl worked to death as a slave
    Because a white man feels he is bigger
    I see an Iraqi child lowered into a tiny grave
    Because a white man feels he is clever to pull a trigger

    These are the tragedies I see
    The murder of inculpable people for another's avidity
    If the white people would let the innocent be,
    That would be the greatest victory