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  1. The rays of the golden sun falls into the planet of Trinotos. The Trinotians wake from their 'dream coma' or as Prof. Gerald called it, 'sleep'. It is another busy day for them. The normal citizens have work to do, the higher citizens need to go to the Union, and the royal citizens, or 'politicians', need to visit the Ministry. Children have to visit educational Unions, or 'schools', which is another Gerald term. Altogether, this planet is similar to another one in its same Solar System.

    A planet where grass grows and the sky rains. A planet where science has been balanced with the expansion of nature. A planet which rules the Solar System - Earth. It is a planet ruled by Humans and filled with dozens of species and languages. 'Earth is a land of grass and glass' says Gerald, and it is rightly so. Previously, in the 21st century and earlier, Earth was a dry wasteland and a scientific mash-up. However, with the advent of Dr. Nitrobooster (doctor of sciences) in the 22nd Century, Earth the Hell became Earth the Heaven.

    However, sneaking into Neptune's orbit is the little Zeon. Many 'solars', or inhabitants of the Solar System, excluding Earth and Trinotos have tried to dominate it, but the Zeontras have shooed them away. Or more correctly, shooted them away. The Zeontras have intelligence, but not much as the Humans. When the Humans invented the atom bomb, guns were brought into Zeon. Yet still, Zeontras are full of shrewedry and cunning. Earth has never cared for this planet, calling it a 'dwarf planet' and abandoning it like the God the planet was named by the Humans for. Trinotos has avoided it, and only thinks of visiting it in the end, again like the God.

    One day, these three will conflict, and there will be robots, magic, maps, timewalking, adventure, war, politics, animals and more. And there will be only three heroes to stop it all..
    TO BE CONTINUED IN Heroes Part 1: Diary of Varonis.
  2. You know what?

    I just found out that I'm in the Top 10 list of most posts and that my thread, Plot vs Character vs Setting is the hottest thread.

    Not as great as winning a contest, yeah, but still.
  3. In the dust of the website lays a new member - Another person who would transform into the next great writer.

    With great confidence he is accepted by the other writers. The new member is still in education - he has not developed enough to compete with the master of the website, an expert named Cogito. Nobody has been able to. For this person, Cogito, is a writer who matches the skill of Poe. With a snap he can invent a memorable piece of writing which touches our hearts and raises our goosebumps. He can describe a leaf so well that we find ourself in a forest. He can whip up plots so original that it makes us browse through the story.

    Okay, enough of that. Was it a nice start for this blog post?

    I am just that random student who finds himself with an aspiration for writing. I guess that's all there is about me, not much to describe.

    So, signing off.