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  1. Hiya Everybody!

    Woa, this website is pretty cool, well it must be - I've spent nearly my whole day on here! Sad, or what?!

    Anyway, I'm a bit sad :( at the moment, because I can't figure out why I haven't got posting permission for some catagories? Can anyone help me on that, pretty please???

    Any whoo, as you may know if you have read my profile, I'm hoping to publish a book of poetry in the very near future. I have nearly finished writing the tenth poem, and I began writing only two or three days ago - so not to bad, eh?

    If I keep the total number of poems in the book at ten, and don't write any more, I'm probably going to title it something like ' Ten Totally Terrific Poems' or something. However, I may or may not write some more in the last two days I have left of half term! I still have some homework to finish (okay, I have loads!) but I might have some spare time!! Especially now I have an extra hour - the clocks go back today!!!

    O.k, I think I'll leave it there because if I write much more I will either a) Go off on a tangent, b) bore to the death, or quite possibly both!!!

    Thanks for reading guys!!

    Jamie xx

    P.S In my next post, which may be very soon if i'm bored!, MIGHT contain one or two extracts from my hopefully soon-to-be book!!!! :D