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  1. I would like to offer a topic for folks to take and tell the tale...Following is true, but my memory is vague so I don't think this is a story I would write.

    Two nights ago I was sleeping. I woke up. I was thirsty but my bedside water glass was empty. I stood up with my cup and...I felt myself falling...couldn't stop it...don't remember much except I could not stand...bottom line, I fell onto a glass table top that is on my side of the was bad but not as awful as it could have been.

    Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  2. Somehow my Christmas tree bends to two o'clock, but blessedly, it is a gift.

    Last evening my tree became our tree as my almost adult children came to my home and decorated the small mess of 'tree top' at best.

    We dined on the meal I prepared; the first time I have cooked in a very long time. The food alone seemed to make them happy.

    I had a wreath, a gift from a friend, that needed a hook for hanging on my apartment door. Earlier I had seen a neighbor and asked where she had found her wreath hook. My son, who was delegated the task of engineering a hook for my wreath, got busy on task.

    After a bit of work he came inside laughing about the coat hanger fashioned into a hook. He had taken care to hang the wreath as well but because of his laughter, we all went out to see his handy work. We laughed...until we looked down and saw the gift at my door...a wreath hanger.

    I live in a wonderful place in our downtown area and generally assume that we are all too busy to care about those of us who live here.

    My faith in goodness of the heart has been revisited and I love it.

    I gifted my kind neighbor with a treasure of my own and it felt really good. I kept peeking out the door until I saw that the gift was gone.

    Once again, my heart became happy. Life is awesome and so are those souls who give selflessly.

    Blessed be to those who let the joy of holiday magic into their hearts.
  3. Those of you who paint must know the presence of triangles in a painting.

    A writer has the ability to show characterizations, plot and overall hates ducks but because he loved them as a child, they revisit him at least 3 times in a story.

    Time must pass in your story. Perhaps only a few hours have gone by in a complete tale.

    Maybe aging takes care of this important task.

    Exhaustion can be expressed by three days of beard growth or the need for your heroin to shave her legs.

    OCD with looking at a watch can certainly carry your story through logical time. But, time does not have to be logical.

    Time and character can accomplish the need to move your character forward.

    these are just a few suggestions to try and reign in time in your story.
  4. I have not been able to figure out why my work is locked. I do not understand how to get the lock off of the writing.
  5. Oh what a beautiful day. Prince William is getting married. I like Harry.