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  1. I Confess . . . . .

    I wasn’t even in the store yet and our eyes met.

    I had been off for a few days but in an instant everything poured to the forefront . . . . . . the thoughts, the memories, the impending and inevitable rush I was about to experience. We tried to hide our excitement . . . . . there was no denying it.

    I’m pretty sure people are watching. How can they not see us? We are at the point now where we don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    I try to believe that I don’t ever think about it. I try to convince myself that this is just a “phase” and it will never last. I try not to admit that I check the schedule to see when we will be here at the same time.

    This latest ‘tryst’ happened very recently but it’s been going on for awhile now. Many of you have known about this.

    Does my wife know?

    There have been those rare occasions when I wished we had never begun. I’ve thought how in my right mind could we be doing this? I mean, I’m married with two kids after all and my brain tries to remind me that I am not a young buck anymore like I used to be when I was single.

    But it really has nothing to do with your brain now does it.

    Without a doubt my heart begins to beat faster! I can feel the adrenaline racing through my veins! I almost lose my breath! My muscles swell! Sometimes I even break into a sweat! I’m sure you would too!

    And it’s not just a physical thing as I’m sure a lot of people think. It is exhilarating! There is a definite emotional connection! This may sound strange but a sense of accomplishment and even pride occur! I feel like I’m walking on air!

    This is a great thing isn’t it? Our ages have nothing to do with it right? If it brings us joy how can we deny it?

    Would my own heart and soul betray me?

    It’s been said that the TRUTH will set you free. Well I can’t hold it in anymore.

    So before you, on this day, I gather up the courage and confess.

    I love . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . doing 20 pushups with when I come into work with WYCKOFF, WHITNEY, MICHEAL, DOUG, JULIE and BRITTNI whenever we get the chance!

    Does anybody else want to join our occasional affair?

    Oh by the way . . . . yes my wife knows!