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  1. Today Dan received a new review of his novel, Samhane. We both sat there reading it in a stunned silence. Why?

    Because it really was a gushing review of Samhane.

    Here's the review from Scary Minds:


    Here is his review from Shroud Magazine:


    And finally, his German review:


    And to top off all that, to make the year even better still, Dan has been told that he has definitely got a job! Yes, it is a very promising year thus far.
  2. Here are the photos we have of Dan's novel cover. I just have to share them, as they both look so wonderful!

    This is the front cover for the American/English version of Samhane, which is now on sale. yay!

    The back cover for the American/English version.

    This is the author bio and pic for the American/English version.

    And here is the photo of the book on the publishers book shelf!

    This is the German version of Samhane, which is on sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These are currently in Austria with the publisher. Individually wrapped too! Dan's contrib copy is finally on it's way, while the other 4 contrib copies are off to potential reviewers.


    Aren't they sexy covers?
  3. Really excited, my partner got an article in our local newspaper about his novel release in the US, Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

    The interview was done over the phone, but the guy came to our house and took his photo for the article.

    Here is the link if you are interested in having a read.

  4. On Daniel I. Russell's desperate flee from the Cult of Zandathru, he has landed in America. He found safety in the home of poor Rebecca Besser, who foolishly left her bathroom window open when she headed off to the shops late lastnight.

    If only he knew how twisted this woman was, maybe he'd of just hidden out in the shed. Rebecca Besser, who, while seems sweet and innocent on the outside, just wanted to talk about flying brains, preferred weapon choice and how I would want to die! I think something's wrong. Maybe the God of Chaos has already started to change people here? Will Daniel make it out alive? Will he become a victim to her torturous ways? Only time will tell...


  5. After much waiting and excitement, the draft cover for the Eglish/U.S. version of Samhane, is revealed!

    Now, just be aware that this is NOT the finished version. Danny Evarts, of Shroud Magazine, is still working on all the fonts, shades and lighting, and there is still the blurb to go on as well.

    The artwork on the cover is by Patrick McWhorter, and my gosh, this guys work is AMAZING! I mean, if you look at the attachment below, you will see just how much detail this man puts into his work. I was amazed by just how much detail he has put into this painting.

    Anyways, for more information on the book and for any other updates from Dan, or to kill a few minutes reading a blog, follow the link below.

    Have a great one all!