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  1. Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I want to know you, to write and to read! In this moment I feel good, but I have even some problems.
    I close myself always, but not as much as before. In the beginning of 2007, one day I woke up and my legs were blocked. I was not able to walk. I underwent examinations and I was in every hospital. I was not able to speak and for two month I could not see, I closed my eyes all this time. The Doctors diagnosed me with "hysteria conversion somatic". Pratically I emptied all my problem in my body. All the time I closed myself at home and I won't see nobody. I spent much time in hospital because I did not want to eat anything. There were better time also. All went good. I didn't like anyone, only my therapist. She is originally Doctor and then a friend. I saw her every day. She had found one family-community. I stayed there around two years. When I went back home I went to one private school. One year. At 2012 I was very thin but I decided to go to Germany as "Au-pair" in one family and I looked after two children. I was there for three months. On December I had my first panick attacs. I return to Italy with new medicines. I argued with my friend one day, second day,.. I fell all alone and I attempted commit suicide. I broke my femour and I was required to go to the hospital. Then I went to another community here and I met my boyfriend and now I live with him. I feel good, but I have worry of much somethings and I don't want to be lone ever. Now I cook, press, clean,.. Unfortunately in these days, I have again Panick attacks. I I was hoping not to have more. I hate all this. Tomorrow I will go to my psychiatris. I want to write this post of all, but I don't know how.