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  1. gold and silver upholds true value capitalist money tree
    thrown down upon the gaunt lit alter of midas, treasured as current sea

    countless denominations cashiered their legal tender to grant
    rich midas , who straddles diamond compound billed as sacred kant

    tickles with dollar signs motley crue scrambling towards drawbridge gate
    pedestrians malingering hungry thirst for wealth of nations to satiate

    inexorable appetite for wanton money to amass
    fuels reverence for all that glitters even brass
    whence madding crowd behaviour cruel and crass
    deplorable if perceived from one way looking glass

    fool hardiness to revere what beast called money, lucre, green back
    can buy - sweeping across world wide web scarring globe on fast track

    toward accumulating high excess lavish life style
    and parade with pomp and circumstances while

    ninety nine percent of less wealthy live hand to mouth
    envying those billeted behind sealed mansions east, west, north and south

    except this dollar less chap, who could not give a rat’s tush
    for the ka-ching melodic sound twenty four seven that does swoosh
    in burlap sack clothes and bank accounts preferring to slog and push
    along the boulevard of broken dreams that resembles nothing but mush

    yet preference prevails to forego attachment to government sanctioned loot
    freeing mind and body trying to cherish voluntary simplicity which does suit
    this quest for knowledge seeking writer, who disparages against his horn to toot

    nor imposing personal philosophy that gives reason exuberantly to exhale
    versus vacuity and purposelessness sans blind faith toward holy grail
    goading most people to persevere for millions of bucks over hill and dale

    despite owning next to nothing, yet detaching psychological bond that doth choke
    ability to experience unfettered psyche likened to an oxen with iron bound yoke!
  2. I know every tom, dick and harry in tandem with the media hounds probably step on each other to extract even a snippet of the liaison between yourself and john edwards.

    My apology for appearing like another nosy nattering nabob (who nestles in narberth, pennsylvania) and merely wanted to congratulate your effort for enduring a most grueling recent past.

    Although no intent spurs this electronic note to wheedle out any private information, the main purpose as iterated above constitutes praising your mettle to fend off overly intrusive public or private individuals who seem to thrive on gathering gossip and frequently attempt to make a buck in the process!

    Yes, you may possibly find fame and fortune i.e. a truckload of disposable income within easy reach, but by dint of being entwined with the aforementioned politician, the means to live an anonymous life seems well nigh impossibly!

    So, once again this unknown respondent simply commends the psychic stamina from enduring the onslaught of caustic, fatalistic, sarcastic, et cetera remarks and perhaps even pointing the finger (middle one to be precise) of guilt for sabotaging the former peaceful easy drama-free existence of john edwards!

    He must be held accountable for fostering a liaison (which affair got splashed across the front page of all the major publications) that came crashing down like a juggernaut and essentially spelled the reputation of his character!

    Anyway, i act without any ulterior motive, but mainly reiterate your bravado, courage, erstwhile firm grit hoisting yourself and young son toward acceptance into the local community!

    No need to reciprocate nor comment per my spurious whim to send this note! Other more pressing matters take precedent! Maintenance of your mental and spiritual selves require utmost priority as does providing the essential maternal care this supposed "love child" will clamor for in an effort to be cushioned from the incessant encroachment of unwonted camera crews blithely camping and violating that sacred personal space!

    postscript: despite this maelstrom of mailer daemons and yahoos cavorting as if attending some bacchanalia festival, your visage, face, countenance weathered this storm with beauty and charm still intact!
  3. A most fowl odor emanated from the refrigerator!
    So as not to succumb to the nauseating gaseous smell seeping into my nostrils, I slowly slithered and slunk ever so into the kitchen!
    There, the stench nearly toppled me over despite donning a gas mask and space suit!
    Green fetid fumes curled from the right hand crisper and caused me to gag!
    With a deep inhalation the gloved fingers of my right hand stretched out to brave the noxious dying dragon breath!
    Despite the protective goggles, my eyes started to water and nearly roll out of their sockets!
    Thru this tearful trauma, the decaying package of chicken oozed putrefaction!
    No dinner for me tonight!
    Matter of fact, my previous meals from the day bubbled up inside, and rose to verge of spilling out hot magma like fluid!
    “You can do this dangerous deed” repeatedly iterated! “Yes” came the silent answer!
    With mitt shielded hand, and face directed far from the offensive smell, a quick darting motion took place to remove this sickeningly rotten queasy pestilential offal!
    Upon grasping hold of this maggot covered loathsome malodorous muck, an awful brackish river of rancid fluid dribbled from without the cellophane!
    Though tossed into an extra hefty made plastic trash bag, the offensive fumes rose and assumed what resembled a mushroom cloud!
    The repulsive wretched poison wreath thence radiated rings that seemed to possess an evil penchant to strangle me!
    Quick as a fox on fire, this spry older papa poured perfume to prevent the pernicious repulsive wicked decayed flesh to permeate the entire house!
    Also within the same above noted motion, my skinny legs sprinted to the front door (establishing an unofficial Olympic record) and made a beeline to the angry birds long past their feeding time!
  4. The undertaker drew a deep breath! He exhaled little billows of cold air while awaiting the hearst carrying my lifeless body.
    Prior to death, I took special pains to select an ideal plot.
    A mossy glen with a mill by the pond of my boyhood swimming hole served like the ideal welcome mat for the return of this native son long gone from his family estate of Glen Elm.
    Death struck unexpectedly while dodging the madding crowd jostling to get a glimpse of this renown author where fame seemed destined to track me down.
    As the advocate of countless essays on inalienable rights for all creatures large and small, no pause from the hounding local populace offered peace of mind.
    Until now!
    The prospect of dying never scared this non-believer!
    Cessation of consciousness essentially served completion of life in corporeal form and reconstituted physical being into grist for other organisms to flourish!
    Karma and the glorious unique characteristic that comprised each of our respective charisma, dogma, and persona (generally comprising an enigma to the world) absorbed after contract with cosmic creator lapsed!
    Brief occupancy on this terra firmae as inscribed in genetic code (merely a blink of an eye in the universal schema) gave this now deceased dreamer notion to maximize enjoyment of each day!
    One need not globe trot (and boast of espying exotic places), but could experience inner harmony by imbibing the present.
    Simple pleasures that abounded in the wild or evoked via the creative imagination of august writers supplied ample sustenance for satisfaction!
    Contemplative and introspective mien prompted Eros to be discerned in the grand canyon of Mother Nature in tandem with personal motive to indulge like-minded thinkers since the beginning of time!
    Any given day frequently found thoughts turning over every figurative jagged rolling stone when the grim reaper might spring a surprise visit, which metaphysical thought interestingly enough gave sigh of relief!
    Upon termination of enjoying existence in living color, the eradication of this pet peeve of mine i.e. anxiety/ panic attacks interwoven with inxs of obsessive compulsive behavior would dissolve into the basic elements of earth, wind and fire!
    Marshall of the non-entity dimension would assume command!
    Those former psychological trials would thence be relinquished from their parasite role and recompose cells of one mortal man (me) into matter to be recycled into raw materiel for other organisms to feast upon!
    Basic constituent cells of this Homo sapiens would become necessary seeds for some other manifestation for plant or animal development!
    Molecular features would assume novel combinations thru said degradation of flesh, yet improvisation of biology would wield wasted corpse that once epitomized an articulate, civil, enumerate, glib, invertebrate, kind male into novel marvels of unpredictable genus and species!
  5. Wow! No need to Apollo g eyes
    For no doubt what with priorities
    Per self and employ mint foremost
    And google d by other guys
    Yar email came as a pleasant sir prize
    To a chap whose delight and any personal thought
    Kept hermetically sealed - since divulgence could be moost unwise.

    Prior mis-steps - way back before i took that promise and pledged troth
    Actually, a passive decision on my part akin to a blinded moth

    Blithe comments toward this, that or any other gal who me thought to behold beauty only found embarrassment when whatever motive goaded the desire to express interest.

    Even though married (yet far from wedded bliss)
    For ours tis not a match made in heaven, but where demons frolic and hiss

    My overactive imagination wanders - albeit with urges that swell till they nearly bust
    When chance circumstances transpire (as per your being assigned a case manager -
    Which pleasant feeling ye might required more than expletives cussed
    Since your role strictly to help our darling daughter, who seems left in the dust
    Socially and hopefully one day experiences love and lust
    Unlike her dada (scampered away from risks)
    So please Katelyn forgive my poetic trespasses
    Sans natural hankerings that must

    And beg to get attention, but suppressed from mine own fear
    But dread with locked notions
    Ye may leer
    Or feel ill at ease to app pear
    When taking thy sweet punim on an outing to share
    A vague expression where
    Jumble of warm feelings ricochet inside and veer
    Similar to one of many during countless tumultuous adolescent year.