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  1. Writing is everything to me. It is my calling, my life, my breath, my blood and water. I am no one without writing.

    So why is it that my "life" is getting in the way, and that I'm letting it? I have a novel that needs polishing sitting in the corner of my desk collecting dust when I had a plan to revise it within the first year of my finishing it. I'm turning 21 in May and I still haven't done much to it. I feel like a complete wreck. My life has changed, of course, and I went from being supported by my family to supporting myself. I have two jobs that I work everyday all day and need to find a way to work school into my schedule as well. While my bills are just barely getting paid, I have no money for other necessities or fun things like clothes shopping or going to concerts or movies or whatever it is I want to do. I'm stuck. Sometimes I wonder, how do I make it out alive? Will I continue down this path of merely survivng like my entire family has done? And, is this choice the right one for me... Not the writing, but should I be living where I do or should I just tolerate my family that I don't get along with. No. None of it. I'm stuck and I feel worthless sometimes.

    So here it is. I'm letting this all go and I'm going to take a couple risks. Starting here, with this blog I'm going to make my dreams happen. Anybody with me?