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  1. A little short fan fic i made about the hunger games. I tried to write it in present tense but failed miserably :p.

    Much to Alice’s despise the arena is beautiful. Its fecund grounds grow lush flowers and grasses unknown to her district and she didn’t dare to touch their veiled toxins. An unnaturally blue blossom beckoned to her.
    “If I eat you will I die, painless preferably,” Alice questioned.
    “Eat me, end it all, I can’t promise about the pain,” the flower responded.
    The whole situation began to nip at her morale to live, no survive, but Alice’s pretentious mind is disgusted by getting killed by some stranger. Let alone a flower. With that Jackie brought her heel down on the plant. It is not her time. Hatchet clenched in hand, Alice started to hunt for water as her last drink was yesterday and it is physically taxing her. After 20 minutes Alice noticed she is going downhill and inferred she’s in a valley hopefully with a stream. She heard water running. Alice bit her lip. It is perhaps 600 meters away and the space grows few trees but of course many flowers. She snarled at the arena; it is a perfect place for archers. The hills and sparse trees made it easy for that kind to pick off wanderers and it is a guarantee that someone is there; water equals life. The thought of victors there made Alice cringe with each closer step. No they couldn’t be there she saw them in the horizon a couple miles ago heading away from this direction; the idiots. But she still feared going down there. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach but thirst soon overpowered them. Alice was not going to die in such a prosaic way. She repeatedly began to do light sprints to each descending tree, hide behind it, and then spy downwards. This way of maneuvering is tedious but safe. Following 20 or so trees Alice saw the placid stream. As expected the bank is choked with tall grasses but she saw a small clearing in the water with a 13 year old garishly drinking the water. Alice recognized him, his name is Favin hailing from district 4. They talked before about the mutual shock they shared about the served food. During training they studies edible plants together. Alice noticed his proficiency in survival but lack of fighting skills. She scored him a six but the game makers, a seven. Pre Hunger games Favin seemed shockingly cheery and polite but something was off his body language suggested fright and paranoia. Alice decided not to kill him, she deduced that her presence would probably scare him away. No that is self-deception she really didn’t want to kill him. Anything funny he tried to do though would result in a swift swing of her hatchet.
    “Hi,” Alice mumbled.
    Favin’s slim figure tensed like that of a cat and his eyes darted towards me.
    “It’s fine I’m not gonna do anything.”
    “You sure?” he stuttered
    Alice, almost offended, placed the hatchet in her belt and raised her hands; the universal sign of peace.
    “Sorry.” Favin muttered.
    “Nah its fine, it’s natural.”
    “I hate this.”
    Alice is surprised at this instant disheveling of morale.
    “I hate this so much too.”
    A period of silence.
    “I bet you’re thirsty Alice.”
    “Yeah I am.”
    With that Alice went to the bank and drank, in spite of her powerful thirst she drank with etiquette. Favin watched Alice then again surprised her with his blunt words.
    “Have you killed anyone?”
    Alice choked and got up. She looked at reflection on the water: A mangy 5 foot 6 teen wearing a white shirt with a shoulder length green cape and brown shorts with green high socks. Her narrow face like her outfit is tattered. Occasionally some people pre hunger games called her pretty, she always dismissed this statement. They probably were expecting some compliment in return. After the self-evaluation she turned and her pale blue eyes met his dark ones. By force of habit she looked beyond his face for anyone.
    “Well, Favin this is the Hunger Games.”
    “It’s just that…..I did too. What am I some brute, is that who I am now?”
    Favin’s pal face scrunched up and his almond eyes swelled with tears.
    “Favin, you have to do what you have to do.”
    Alice is horrible at giving advice, verbally empathizing people, or anything along those lines. A part of her wants to tell Favin to grow some balls and another suggested comfort. The latter won so she walked towards him, arms stretched out. Favin shrieked and falls toward her arms and upon seeing the arrow in his side Alice ruthlessly pushes him away. Shit. Alice instantly turns towards where the arrow was shot. Some lanky boy with a bow and her presumed girlfriend wielding a short sword, the boy started to shoot his last arrow. Alice dive rolled over Favin and the arrow whizzed in her wavy, blonde hair stealing some locks.
    “Go fuck yourself,” Alice screamed and got up with her hatchet, blade hungry for blood.
    “Honey I’ll take care of her,” the girlfriend announced.
    Alice felt like vomiting. The two acted so lovey-dovey in a game of killing. Their heads are probably screwed up.
    “Okay baby I’ll wait be careful.” The boyfriend approved.
    The short girlfriend sprinted towards Alice with her brown pony tail whipping at the air. She felt uncomfortable fighting the girlfriend with the boyfriend in vicinity; if needed the boyfriend would surely swoop in. Alice started to run away from her along the steam. Alice is agile but this girl had raw speed. After 150 meters Alice halted grabbed a couple rocks and threw them at her. She skidded across the now sandy bank and the rocks pelted her face. Alice now advancing towards her swung her axe at the girl’s throat but she blocked it with her sword. The clang of steel made adrenaline rush in both of their veins. Alice pressed the hatchet on the sword and kicked the girl down.
    “Fuck!” Lovesick girl whispered as she fell.
    On the ground the girl searched for her sword but Alice stomped on her hand and buried the axe into her throat. She had no time to waste, Lover boy is back at Favin, and she got the sword and tossed it into the stream. Alice sprinted back towards Favin. When she got there she found him with a bloody mouth and lover boy gone. Favin was gripping on to his life and couldn’t speak. Alice, knowing the future, pitied him like she would a pet dog. Alice felt sorry but not to the extent of crying, the people worth for tears are back home.
    “Sorry bud.” Alice said.
    Favin raised his trembling hand and pointed to a bushel of cattails behind her. Knowing exactly what he meant Alice quickly looked behind only to be tackled by Lover boy.
    “You whore, bitch, skank!” Profanity fumbled from his lips as they rolled in the grass. Alice desperately getting up but he vice gripped her hair and pulled. Alice screamed and reactively swung her axe at his hand but only nicked his fingers and chopped off her hair. Again with a more powerful scream, Alice hit the blunt side of her axe on his left forearm. The boyfriend shockingly closed the distance and head-butt her in the nose. Alice backed away crouching tearing up and wiped the blood from her nose. He went in to kick her but Alice caught his leg with her right hand and tried to chop his knee but he squirmed out of the hold. Immediately Alice directed a horizontal slash across his chest but he avoided the brunt of the damage by jumping back. Upon noticing her advantage Lover boy tried running away and Alice let out a breath and aimed. She squinted her eyes and raised her hatchet. Focus is everything. Once the boy was 8 feet away Alice abruptly brought the axe down and let it out her hands. It whirled and landed in the boy’s skull. The boy fell forward with the force of the axe. Alice ran toward him, all this noise made her uneasy; 3 cannons fired. Favin is at peace now. After yanking at her blade from the skull she briskly salvaged all three bodies; she managed to get a knife, some jerky, medicine, and a small sized condom. Alice laughed and threw it in the water as with all the other weapons she didn’t need. Amidst laughter the hover craft came and picked up limp Favin. Alice spied a camera on the front and acting on impulse, furtively flipped off the camera. She got one last drink of water before retreating back to the flowers.