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  1. So while browsing some of my written work I came across this poem... I think. Please note that I am not a poet. Not even sure if you could call this a poem. One day I just started typing and... well this came out. Oh and it hasn't been edited much so yeah. Thought I share though.

    When I was younger we played down by the creek.
    When I was younger you were not like the other girls
    When I was younger we would splash and play the entire day
    When I was younger I noticed why you weren't like the other girls.
    When I was younger I couldn't truly appreciate your beauty
    When I was younger I knew we would last an eternity
    When I was younger you became my first lover
    When I was younger the world was in our hands.

    When I was paralyzed I thought the world would end.
    When I was paralyzed, I knew the good days were gone.
    When I was paralyzed I knew I could no longer go down to the creek with you
    When I was paralyzed I knew I could no longer make love to you
    When I was paralyzed I knew I would have to walk again.

    When I walked again I was leaving behind a bit of myself
    When I walked again I knew I could never return to this place
    When I walked again I visited the creek and splashed
    When I walked again the simple joys of life was lost to me
    When I walked again I realized my life would move on.

    When my life moved on I never found another girl like you
    When my life moved on I went to college but I felt alone in the swarm of students
    When my life moved on I graduated but the victory over the professors was hollow
    When my life moved on back in 1956, I realized yours wouldn't

    I can laugh and sing and dance, when you couldn't.
    I can fall in love when you couldn't
    I can cry at a sad movie, when you can't.
    I can go down to the creek and splash to my hearts content, when you can't.
    I can sit with my grandchildren and tell them of the good ol days, but you can't.
    I can grow old with someone I love, when you will forever be 16.

    I was 16 when I found and lost my soulmate
    I was 16 when I was paralyzed
    I was 16 when I walked again
    I was 16 when I realized I can move on
    I was 16 when I realized you will never have a full life.

    A lot of things happened when we were 16.
    For all the pain I endured,
    for all the sleepless nights
    For all the times I thought I could smell your hair only to remind myself I cant
    for all the hours spent mourning
    for all the regret I have I know one thing to be true.

    I never stopped worrying about you
    I never stopped mourning you
    I never stopped thinking about you
    I never stopped hearing your laugh
    I never stopped loving you.

    So now I lay on my deathbed and I wait eagerly for Death.
    So now I lay on my deathbed alone with no one left to care about me
    So now I lay on my deathbed and I realize something and I smile.

    When a soulmate dies they are forever trapped within your heart.
    Its a reminder you see, that one day you will be reunited in death.
  2. So I created a rather nice house design that I like in Minecraft. A bit different then the one that I had before. Basicly it had a tall middle with 2 rooms on either side poking forward with two doors to both rooms. The middle room allowed access to the roofs that would be fenced off. Well lets just leave it at its a nice simple design.

    So i decided to do some remodeling. Knocked down a wall here and there, basicly took down a second floor. I did some rebuilding, then knocked it down deciding to stick with the blue prints(a rough thing done in Paint) and then I had to move my lava around as it was in the way. Found a nice little place for it and had my small lava pool.

    Awhile later I was building/digging and I placed a wooden block accidentally over the lava area. Well in such a way that it caught fire.

    So heres the thing. If 1 flammable block is next to another and it catches fire? Well it goes from 1 block to the next to the next. Until it burns everything to a point where it can no longer jump from 1 flammable block to the next.

    My house? Almost entirely made out of wood. Luckily I went for the stone stair cases. But yeah my walls, my floors, my roof, all of it was wood.

    Bye bye house. :(

    Luckily chests arn't flammable... thank god. but I only figured this out after I placed water all over my important chest. But yeah.

    Good Game Lava. Good Game.
  3. Its the only other explination I can think of for starting over and over and over again.

    Heres a list of my charaters.

    xxUnit7(I think)

    and my latest Unit7y... as in Why am I starting over yet AGAIN?? Now those are just the names I can remember.

    I spent the better part of today trying to reach Staff Sergant(sp) 3rd Class. Which isn't exactly high, but on that account I was close to 2 hours of sprint time and almost an entire class in the game. When I reached the rank I bought a new gun that recently came out and I found I prefered a different gun. Which would be a better defense if... lets say I had spent a few days using it. No I spent less then 20 minutes and I ended up gambling the rest of my money away. Why? Good question. I wanted one of the guns in a Capsule Machine(as of late, I have spent near 200k trying to get 1 stupid weapon that will in all likelyhood gather dust in my inventory. Awesome)

    Another reason I restart over is because I can never keep satisfied with the rifle I get. After awhile I become frustrated with it. Whether its because of its poor handling at distance or because I find myself leaving my opponent with no health, while I am always dying. What makes things worse is that I almost always rotate between a few guns. AK47, M4, and the Sako Rk 95. One of my recent accounts I had been satisfied with a diff gun for quite awhile. My pointman gun and sniper almost always remain the same... that is when I get the courage to buy a pointman gun(I have this nasty paranoia about going below 50k. Something developed before changes in the money system)

    What I have learned from all of this is:

    1) I must love trying to get 2 hours of sprint time(even though its annoying as hell)
    2) I have more patience then I realize
    3) I. MUST. NEVER. GO. TO. LAS VEGAS.(because right now I have only lost fictional currency and... well I suppose close to 15 dollars worth of Gcoins(coins bought with irl money or recieved through doing tedious process where you can get them free)

    4) I love restarting.

    Though on the bright side AVA is a game that for the most part relies on skill and knowledge of maps. So even with a brandnew account I can easily compete with everyone else. So... thats not so bad.


    I am an idiot. Also my latest account lasted me maybe 2 days.

    I think this current one will last me about a week... even though I say, and I always say this, that this will be my final account.


    Why do I do this to myself?
  4. A very rough draft. But oh well. My own little happy ending for Drizzt. Though after reading the ending of The Ghost King I really hope that isn't the ending for those two. Something about it seems more of a curse then a paradise... and heres hoping something more comes out of it. But until then I got my fanfiction.

    Hmm can we post links in the blog?
  5. Well thats a funny word to say right now.

    So I have been reading the Transistions Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore and I am on the Pirate King. I came to a line, now maybe for some unknown reason its my copy, but did I just hear Rollibard question the reliability of Drizzt and suggesting he doesn't know his name.

    Bloody hell. Wasn't Drizzt and Cattie Brie sailing with him for like 6 years? Now if it had been Wulfgar then yeah ok. Rollibard never liked that one much.

    Of course just earlier in the book Rollibard was part of the Host Tower thing. But in a previous book it was said he was denied entrance which has left him rather sore about Luskan in general.

    But its not just this either. I am surprised at how many things are off. Now I understand the inconsistancies between Icewind Dale and The Dark Elf trilogies. Atleast as far as the whole Drizzt is concerned as he was never intended to be the star.

    Then there is Cattie Brie's cats eye amulet thing. Before it just allowed her to see in the dark as if it were a starry night out. But in a later book it gives her infared(sp) vision.

    Then there is a locket. First it was a loan to Bruenor, with Alustriel saying she wanted it back, then it was a gift to bruenor. Cattie Brie stole it from Bruenor, but later in a different book it turns out Lady Alustriel had given her a second one to track down Drizzt.

    Oh and then there is the whole Fog of Fate. Though I guess Drizzt may have clued him in, as the spell erases the memory after its ended.


    There are tons of them. Also hear that some collector's edition had been recalled because of the typo count.


    Almost all minor really. But I just love a consistant story and backstory.

    Don't even get my started on Sean from Boy Meet's World.

    First he has an older sister, then he is an only child, then a step/half brother, then only child, then another half brother.

    Make. Up. Your. Minds!!!