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  1. War

    The light was swallowed by the taunting clouds, Farin stood at the front of his army, smiling as he watched his enemy prepair for the battle ahead.
    "Bring me our best archer!" he shouted to the heavens. Soon a small boy walked up to him holding an oak recurve bow that was as large as he.
    "Child, I said out best archer!" the puny child shook with fear, He retreated back to his rank, and a full grown man stepped up.
    " Now that's more like it. Now Archer, I need you to fire and arrow and hit their leader."
    The man swallowed hard and fired his arrow. The small shaft flew for miles and hit the ground next to the enemie's leader. Quick as a wink the small boy stepped forward again and before Farin could say anything the boy shot a single arrow. It flew true and felled the enemies leader. The enemy reachreted and the war was over. The small child looked up at his commander and smiled.

    "Never trust a book by it's cover...becouse you never know how well that book can shoot an arrow."
  2. The Gauntlet Is a Book that I'm writing and If ANYONE is reading this just PM me and I'll send it to them! :) I would just post it but I write about three to 13 pages a day and I don't want to keep updating it!:D