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  1. “Would you rather be a friendless loser or have a bunch of friends who secretly hate you?”

    I know no one deserves either, but there are certain times when the world goes mad and you’d just find yourself torn between bullying and being bullied. It’s inevitable. But be thankful you can choose, ’cause others have no option but to stay at the bottom of the food chain.

    Now you ask, what does bullying have to do with that question I borrowed from (one of my favorites actually) a 7th-grader movie? Simple. When you get to be the friendless loser, you have 101% chances of getting bullied. Well not unless you’re pretty or rich. You appear vulnerable, ’cause the bad asses (pardon that, but pun intended) think you have no support team. They’d make fun of you. Just like in the movies, you were the protagonist, but no one adores you for that. Instead, the antagonists get the rounds of applause and standing ovations. True enough, they are ‘friends’ with everyone. Why? ‘Cause only a hero will save an underdog and risk being the center of unwanted attention. It’s normal, and I bet you would be doing the same if you were them, so don’t blame their instincts. But little do these bullies know that those ‘friends’ they claim they have are just waiting for the right time to stab them at the back. Trust me, I know this one.

    Yea, it’s heart-wrenching and I know just how exactly it felt. Well not exactly, but close as in super close. I once got stuck to picking a group many times before, and I am proud to say that although I had the chance to be with bully groups, I chose to plug in my earphones. But before those irresistable offers, I nearly was the target. They threw insults at me, calling me a rabbit cause my front teeth are bigger than the rest of my teeth (that was before). They made fun of my hair, my shoes, my socks with laces, my school bag, and everything they can pull out to insult me in front of everybody (yes, even when there were teachers). I nearly cried. Who wouldn’t get hurt when humiliated anyway?

    The thing is, I didn’t cry. Or at least, I didn’t let them see me defeated. What I did was that I brushed off everything and promised myself these mean guys will beg for my friendship one day. And I was able to keep that promise. I didn’t seek from ‘pitying’ people’s support, that I would have to stress out. Instead, I joined our school publication board, and was fortunately shortlisted for a high rank position. Then I did my best on contests, channeled my loneliness to my writing, and gained myself the reward — confidence. I got indulged with writing that I thought less of their bullying. Eventually, they eased on me and tried to befriend me ’cause by that time, I was already winning on interschool competitions. Promise? Kept. Battle? Won.

    Now if you may ask what I can say about bullying, here are what you ought to keep in mind:

    1. Bully people are coward people. Beneath their good looks and spunky attitudes lies a formation of fatty acids and insecurities. They have no bones, that’s why they try to break other kids’ to make even.

    2. They bully because they are threatened. And yes, threatened by YOU. They see you as a potential dominant figure, so they feel the unending urge to bring you down.

    3. They are unfortunate. Yes, they are. They would have to bully others and scare the heck out of everyone before others notice that they really don’t have anything great about themselves. Pitiful right?

    I’m ending this storytelling here tonight. On my next post, I’m gonna share some tips on how to survive (get over, at least) bullying.

    TTFN! Sugardreams. :D
  2. Let me explain. I was stuck in a so-much-to-do-with-less-time zone the past days and have nothing meaty to say, so I logged out of my account and flopped down the couch during my whole free time (it’s not that free, if you know what I mean). I hope that will pass as a valid reason for you guise, and I hope you will forgive my laziness. Oops! I did not just say the real reason through the preceding statement, didn’t I?

    Okay, before you start walking out and throwing hard-boiled eggs at me (woa, that’s definitely gonna hurt), let me explain. Again. Truthfully (well, not that truthful, unless you want me to sound all Alcott here.)

    The thing is, I find excuses to delay writing more often than look for inspiring topics to rant about. Way back school days, I have been a lazy student and preferred working on the last ticks. I was never the type who wakes up at 3AM to do what needs to be done. But well, I tried that, but I just find myself diving under the warmth of my sheets again, so I had to stop alarming my cellphone ’cause it’s a total waste of precious sleep. You can imagine me doing homeworks in between subjects, or as the need may arise, multi-tasking — and by that, I meant listening to my English teacher while trying to find the correct formula to use for a Geometry problem. I’ve been like that throughout the course of my existence, ’cause I believe that the latest the time, the wiser I am (that’s how I translate the saying “An older man is a wiser man.” LOL), and therefore, the more qualitative my production will be.. For me, the longer I toil on something, the more tedious it becomes — and eventually, I tend to lose all my creative touches on it because I’m already dreading the process of working on it all the time.

    I know I deserve a good round of peltings. I know I am ultra super duper mega wrong with how I think, but I bet we all have this inner demon who stops us from doing anything sensible. It’s just that I can’t get out of this system … yet.

    And as I pondered about it, I would want to share some thoughts I have on why certain people are too lazy to do certain stuff:

    1. When you did something and the result is the exact opposite of what you’re expecting. This totally sucks. That’s why I lose interest on doing other stuff ’cause I have this thinking they would all be turning out the other way.

    2. When you don’t have any clue on what you’re doing. Pointless, right?

    3. When you perfectly know everything about what you’re doing. Still pointless. You won’t grow as a person when you know every solution to every problem. This goes the same with doing stuff.

    4. When people around you are more annoying than what you’re doing. Totally sucks! We have this tendency to lose passion on what we’re doing when everyone’s making fun of us and keeps on ripping our masterpiece apart. I hear you!

    5. When you know you can do something bigger and better, but you’re stuck to do what you’re doing. Total bummer! I mean, yea, you know what I mean.

    They say solving a problem starts with analyzing. Here are but a few of the reasons I have for being too unproductive recently. Now that I can pinpoint the causes, I hope I’d be able to find the solutions if I’ll think deeper. And when I’ve found them, I’d let you be the first to know about it!